Year in Review Challenge #8

* Please note: I will be away the first weekend in March, so I am extending the deadline for the February Challenges. You now have until March 3 to get any of the challenges posted so far for Year In Review contest done and uploaded into the February folder in the gallery in order to qualify for the 2 prizes this month. I will announce the winners on March 4Challenge #8

5 Things you are Loving this month!! Do a layout featuring the top 5 things you are really into this month – can be anything you can think of!
Try to get a huge number “5” on your layout (I hand cut mine cause I didn’t have any chipboard ones that were large enough)

For my layout, my top 5 things were:

* Lost (of course! This is one of the only new shows on right now – also one of the most addicting!);
* my sewing machine (I recently rediscovered the joy of machine stitching on my layouts and in mini books);
*Hummus (for some reason I am so into eating this lately)
* Sunny days and blue sky!!! It’s been so nice here not to have as much rain lately – but instead the sun has been making appearances – woohoo!
*Oranges – mmmmm…love these