Year in Review Challenge #5

For this week’s challenge, since February has just started, do a recap of January. I chose to do mine in a calendar style – it really made me think back about what I have done over the month. I added the trips I went on, as well as day to day activities that don’t seem very exciting right now, but it will be fun to look back later to see what I did.

I am going to give you the choice of doing this challenge or another one for this week. In case you really don’t want to do a recap of January, your alternative challenge is this:

Do a layout titled “I Predict”, make some sort of prediction for a month down the road or even a year down the road. It can be a personal prediction, for a family member, or even something going on in the world. It can be serious or funny. Have fun with it!

Here is the layout I did for this week, I downloaded the calendar from this site. You are able to customize the size of the calendars which I found very helpful in order to get it to fit on my 8 x 8 page.