Wish Lists

Thanks to TraceyG for this idea!

Here are 3 lists I am going to continue to add things to for the next little while.

First list is what you want to do in your life that doesn’t cost. We all don’t have money and I’m sure there are things we would like to do before any thing bad happens. For example … jump in rain puddles

* Volunteer at an animal shelter or wildlife rehab center
* Hike the West Coast Trail
* Run a marathon or half marathon

Second list is what you want to do in your life with the practicality of money. In other words it’s not outrageous to save up.

* Visit my sister and her family more often
* Travel to Australia and go snorkeling at the great barrier reef
* Go back to Hawaii
* Have kids (2)

Third, you are rich … money means nothing.

* Take my entire family to Florida so we can do the whole Disney thing šŸ™‚
* Build my dream house
* Travel around the world
* Open up my own animal rescue center