Winter Wonderland

It truly was a Winter Wonderland! On Saturday we took our friend Jodi and her 8 year old daughter up Grouse Mountain for an afternoon in the snow! It was snowing up there when we got out of the gondola (and it seems that Jodi dislikes being in the gondola even more than I do!) and the visibility was terrible. We could hardly see 10 feet in front of us at any time. Brent and Dasha had a blast playing in the snow together and then we all went ice skating! I am not a skater so this was a challenge. Thank goodness for those kiddie bar things that you hold onto and push in front of you! LOL!! Yes, I did use one!

winter1.jpg  winter2.jpg  winter9.jpg

winter8.jpg  winter3.jpg  winter4.jpg

winter5.jpg  winter6.jpg  winter7.jpg