Wild Weather

We had some crazy weather here on the west coast yesterday! Power was out all over the place and the wind was out of control! So what did we decide to do? We bundled up, and ventured out to do some close up storm watching! It was so wet, so cold, but a lot of fun believe it or not. We drove to White Rock Beach (and got detoured along the way due to a fallen tree), then we walked all the way to the end of the pier (despite the warnings of “enter at your own risk” and having to duck under the yellow caution tape that roped off the pier) – there was actually many others who were doing the same thing. It was even hard to walk at times cause the wind was so strong. Brent and I both had our cameras and I managed to get a few pictures, but he got way better ones!

Zoey loved the weather – she loves to be out in the rain and wind, Angus on the other hand was less than thrilled at having to be out there (and I ended up carrying him all the way back down the pier and to the car)