When you take a pig for a walk…

you get a lot of looks. Ah yes, Norman, our very lovable pig, has taken walks all over Illinois. As one of our most popular show animals and one of the most requested animals, Norman leads a busy life. We have walked him on boulevards downtown Chicago and made stops to take him into inner city parks. People have stopped cars and gotten out to see him. He really does love the attention though, he’s quite the ham. Ha, see what I did there?

Our little piglet is not so little anymore, however. Over the winter, he soared to over 70 pounds, outgrowing not 1 but 2 of his travel crates. He had a nice hiatus from shows for several months but he just started doing shows again. We bought him a new enormous crate and luckily he still has some growing room in it. We figured we need to get him used to walking on his leash and harness again in public, so we recently went on a walk to a local forest preserve. What an adventure that was!