What did we get ourselves into?……


We did something a little crazy last night. For the last month we have been in the process of adopting a pair of guinea pigs. After our bunny died last summer we have had his big cage sitting empty and I used to have many guinea pigs when I was younger and thought it would be fun to adopt a couple from a rescue organization. We got in touch with this one called Small Animal Rescue Society of BC – we filled out an application, had a home visit and everything. So last night we got to go visit some guinea pigs at the foster home they were at. There were 4 males there and they were all so cute!! We held each of them but we couldn’t decide which two we wanted to bring home. So…. we did what any animal loving crazy person would do… we brought ALL four home!!! I know, just what are we thinking??? The lady who was fostering them even gave us another huge cage and she said that if it doesn’t work out she will gladly take them back. She also said we can keep them all or just keep 2 and “foster” the other two.

So our family has just about doubled in size in the matter of a few minutes. We brought them home and let them all run around the kitchen together while we sat with them trying to get them used to us. Then we brought the cat in to meet them and then the dogs one at a time. Soon we ALL were in the kitchen and everyone was getting along. Amazing. Guinea pigs were running underneath of the dogs, sniffing nose to nose with the cat, munching on orange slices and lettuce. CHAOS. Lol, but it was fun.

So the dilemma….. (besides the fact that we now have FOUR guinea pigs!!!) – is that we don’t like the names that came with them and we are having trouble finding names that suit them.

They came with these names: Cousin It (the really big long haired one), Sam I Am (the one that looks like he has an Afro), Copernicus (the fuzzy white and peach one) and Cornelius (the black fuzzy one).