We’re home!!!

16 days away

3 nights sleeping in the car

2 nights in a hotel in San Francisco

8 nights in a hotel in Anaheim

2 nights at Jen & Peter’s in San Fran

4 days at CHA

4 days at Disneyland

4 sets of new brake pads for the car

more than 60+ hours of driving and being stuck in the car (and we didn’t kill each other!!)

2 very tired and exhausted people!

Home at last! Woohoo! Although we did have an awesome trip, it is really nice to get home again. Gracie (our cat) was thrilled when we walked in the door tonight and she hasn’t left us alone since. I think she was hoping we’d bring the dogs with us, as I did see her looking around the corner down the stairs as if she was wondering when they were going to run up the stairs to greet her. (She loves the dogs more than anything). No dogs yet though. They are still in Victoria at my parents house, so I will go pick them up tomorrow.

We had a fun day yesterday in San Francisco with Jen & Peter. They took us all over the place again! We started off by visiting the Jelly Belly Factory. I am SO addicted to Jelly Bellies!!! I buy them all the time at the grocery store (but they are so expensive! I try to buy them only when they are on sale) – so it was especially exciting for me to see the factory. It was a free tour as well, then we got to taste whichever kind we wanted to at the end at the “tasting bar”. Funny thing though, to buy the Jelly Bellies in bulk from their gift shop turned out to be MORE expensive them buying them here in Canada. Make sense? Not really. However, since we were there we just had to buy some to munch on. My bag contained my favorites: buttered popcorn (which makes no sense, cause I don’t even like popcorn), strawberry cheesecake, buttered toast (this is a new flavor), caramel corn, sour raspberry, and sour strawberry. Brent’s bag had his favorites: orange juice, rootbeer and sour lemon. What a combo there Brent. hehe.

They had a bunch of new flavors, including the buttered toast which was very tasty. Others though, I could do without, such as “toasted garlic”. Yes, it was as lovely as it sounds. Garlic, um, not in a jelly bean thanks. There was also a new line made especially from the Harry Potter books and weird flavors such as “soap” and “earwax”. Yes, EARWAX. In a jelly bean!! WHAT on earth are they thinking??? Nope, none of us even wanted to try those ones.

Another set of flavors made from a movie (The Ant Bully) included one called Lawn Clippings. Brent tricked me and had me taste it, as I thought it was green apple. I tried it and was like “this tastes like grass!!” and he burst out laughing. Why anyone would spend money on candy that tastes like grass is beyond me. Which brings me to the most repulsive thing I tried – another bean from this line called Ant Hill. This tasted like DIRT. So disgusting, it didn’t even make it past 2 bites before it got promptly put into the garbage, where it belonged. I still cannot believe they created a jelly bean to taste like dirt, seriously, what were they THINKING?

Besides that, we had fun! hehe, then all 4 of us ate candy all the way to the outlet centers which was our next stop. Oh – I tried something new today (besides all the jelly bellies) – I tried a Krispy Kreme donut. We were there right as they were pulling fresh ones off the conveyor belt so I got to try a nice and hot one. Not bad, but not the best donut I’ve ever had. Honestly I can’t see what all the hype was about these donuts. Also, I wasn’t thrilled about seeing them being made right there behind the wall of glass – something about seeing these things floating in a bath of pure fat – didn’t really entice me to want to digest them only minutes later.

We got back to Jen & Pete’s after dinner so we packed up and left San Francisco. We intended to drive all night and be home first thing in the morning but…that didn’t happen. Of course it didn’t. We were so tired, we had to pull over several times to get some sleep in small doses throughout the night. Another night sleeping sitting up in the car, just lovely. I am so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.

To all you who have been reading my blog and keeping up with our adventures, I hope I haven’t bored you all to tears! Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve managed to make it through my lengthy posts. lol


Jelly Belly Factory


San Francisco Zoo