Vegas At Last

Here we are in Vegas! It’s been an incredibly long day, I can’t believe its only 10pm – the night is just starting here…and we are heading to bed – LOL

Because we left it to the very last minute to pack for the trip, we ended up staying up until 2:30am last night and we had to get up at 5am! A lovely 2 and a half hour sleep, then we were up and rushing around the house getting everything ready and out the door we went. We had to drive to the states as our flight was out of Bellingham WA, so after a little bit of a wait at the border, we made it to the tiny Bellingham airport, waited in line to check in, then waited in a long line to go through security and waited for over an hour to board the plane. Waiting seems to be the theme du jour. Waited for about 30 minutes at the baggage claim, then for about 40 minutes for the shuttle to the hotel. Later we waited for over an hour to get a cab from Walmart (more on that later). All that waiting made it into a very long day.

All that said and done though, Vegas does seem cool and I do sort of think we should be out there walking the strip enjoying the nightlife and lights but we really need some sleep! Tomorrow night we’ll explore around some more. We did do a lot of walking down the strip today though, a LOT of walking! In the extreme heat too. I love the hot weather but I’m not used to this kind of heat. One of the best parts of the afternoon was when we came across a 7-11 and we each got huge slurpees to take on our walk with us. Made it a bit more bearable. The hotels here are unbelievable! I heard beforehand that they were ginormous – but truly it is something to see for yourself. So extravagent and it’s neat how they are all connected together with walkways and stuff. We got lost only once so far – we were in the Excalibur trying to find our way to the walkway that connects to New York New York. We went around and around and around the casino for ages! We were so frustrated so we finally asked someone for directions. The thing that shocks me a little about the casinos is that people are allowed to smoke in them! I am so used to the ways of everything being non smoking at home, smoking inside of any building in BC is just not heard of. So when we saw people smoking while playing the slot machines, we were both surprised. And we’re both feeling a little sick from it now – the smoke really bothers me, and we both have sore throats and are stuffed up now because of it. We’re going to try to avoid the casinos tomorrow, it’s hard though cause you have to walk through them in order to get anywhere in the hotels. We’re staying at the MGM – our room is really nice (on the 21st floor), the hotel staff have been super friendly and helpful so far, so we’re happy. The Luxor was pretty cool inside in their Atrium area and it wasn’t nearly as crowded as everywhere else so we took our time and spent a bit more time walking around there. We saw an Imax Film Ride called The Journey to the Obelisk. BIG waste of time! And big waste of $20! Oh well, live and learn! Food here is quite expensive – even worse then it is at Disneyland! lol! So I had this great idea of taking a cab to the nearest Walmart, stocking up on water and snacks to keep in the hotel room, then we won’t have to pay $3 a bottle of water – and since we’re drinking a ton cause its so hot, it will save us a lot of money. Also, it’s so hard to find healthy food here – so much of it is fast food and deep fried. So we did make it to Walmart, and we bought fruit, a case of water, gatorade, and healthier snacks. Then we called a cab from there and they said it would be 45 minutes!!! We ended up waiting more than an hour before the cab finally came. Brent was so not impressed with my “great” idea! We got back to the hotel just after 7pm and it felt like it should have been after midnight!

Anyway, this blog post has been really boring, I’m starting to ramble on. Time for bed! Hopefully tomorrow will go a lot smoother 🙂