Unexpected Beauty

Another busy busy week has just flown by in a blink! A few days ago we took the dogs for a walk to this new place we were told about – its a huge lot of vacant land that used to be where the Airforce barracks were. It’s so cool! There aren’t buildings left but there are a couple foundations, and we found the remains of an old fountain. It is the home of many bald eagles and owls (apparently but we haven’t seen any owls yet).

The piggies have been named! Finally – it was tough cause we just could not find a name to fit ‘Cousin It”, we tried a whole bunch of the suggestions that were posted, but nothing stuck. Until today when we were cleaning their cages – Brent said to him “hey Stanley Park guy…” and I was like “that’s it!! That’s his name – STANLEY!!” Lol!!

Yeah that poor little piggie was let loose in Vancouver’s Stanley Park – left to fend for himself. Luckily someone found him and turned him in to the rescue org. 2 of our other pigs were also abandoned – “Sam” was left alone in a small dirty cage in an apartment after someone moved out. They just left him behind. How awful!!! His fur was really long and terribly matted apparently too. “Copernicus” was also abandoned but I’m not sure where. How sad that there are actually people who treat animals like this. So I think we are going to keep all 4 – we talked about it tonight and we really don’t know how we can not keep all of them. We refer to them as the “Quadpiglets”…instead of quadruplets…LOL

So here are their new names – and thank you so much everyone for submitting name ideas for us – there were so many great names!!

Cousin It is now Stanley

Copernicus is now Wheezy (he sneezed a lot during the first few days we had him)

Cornelius is now Tweak

Sam I Am is now Fro (cause he looks like he has an afro)

Nicole W is the winner for suggesting Tweak and Fro – I will send you out some goodies Nicole! 🙂