Today’s Tutorial and some random stuff…

Happy Wednesday!! It’s not even 11:00am here yet but it feels like it should be almost dinner time already! For whatever reason, I could NOT sleep last night. Well, I know the reason, but anyway. Too much on my mind, too much to think about, too much on my to-do list that hasn’t been crossed off yet… I fell asleep around 10 and was wide awake at 3:30am. As in, ready to get up and start doing stuff. Since it was pitch black outside still, I forced myself to stay in bed but by 5 I couldn’t stand it anymore and got up.

My scraproom is now almost all packed up. I have all the items I’m taking with me nicely organized and within an arms reach so if I need to find something I can do so quickly.

I greatly downsized my ribbon collection. It went from this:


to this:



I rolled the thicker ribbons, and then made little spools to wrap the thin ribbons around.

I still have a bit more work to do in there today (like cleaning the closet out, yuck), so hopefully I’ll get that accomplished this afternoon.


Some potentially really exciting news this week was that I was asked to teach at the upcoming SA Scrapbook Convention in SOUTH AFRICA!!!!! WOW!!!! I couldn’t believe it and was super excited! However, with my hectic upcoming school schedule, I am not going to be able to go : ( I would have needed to be away for 12 days at the end of September/ beginning of October, and there is no way I’d be able to do it with school. I’m still sad over it, it would have been such an amazing experience to go teach in South Africa.

Answers to a  couple questions I got from yesterday’s post:

Angus is a Westie (West Highland White Terrier) : ) and Zoey is a Scottie (Scottish Terrier). They are actually “cousin” breeds in the Scottish Terrier Trio along with the Cairn Terrier.

The Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes are simply whatever your favorite cupcake recipe is, poured into the cones and baked right in the cones. Just make sure you only fill them up to about 1/2 an inch from the rim of the cone and bake them on the higher rack in your oven or the bottoms of the cones will burn. (yes, found this out the hard way. Good thing we had lots of batter and cones to make another batch! ha!)

Now onto today’s tutorial! I actually have another tutorial almost finished as well, so watch for it this weekend sometime.

I got this idea last week when I was doing yet another load of dishes. It’s just something cute, and another way to use up some items in my stash : )

Dishwasher Magnet


What you will need:


2 pieces of coordinating patterned paper

1 piece of matching cardstock

Strong adhesive (such as zipdry glue)

Thickers letter stickers

Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Back Canvas


Sanding tools

round flat magnet

round punch


1. Cover one side of your CD with the plain cardstock. Trim around the edges and sand until the edges are smooth.




2. Glue your magnet right into the very center of the CD


3. Glue one piece of patterned paper so it cover exactly half of the CD


4. Glue the other piece on the other half of the CD. Let the adhesive dry completely.


5. Trim all the excess paper off, then sand the edges smooth


6. Using a punch (or if you don’t have the right size circle punch, trace something to the size that you want), punch out a circle from your cardstock and glue it into the very center of the CD


7. Using some sticky back canvas, draw a cute sheep with a black pen. (or any animal or image that you’d like)


8. With a fine paint brush, paint part of the sheep in with black acyrlic paint



9. Once the paint has dried, cut the image out, then stick it to the cardstock circle in the middle of the CD. Add some letters stickers to spell “Clean” at the top and “dirty” at the bottom


10. Now go and stick it to your dishwasher- simply flip it over so it reads “dirty” when the dishes are dirty and when they’re clean, flip it to “clean”. : )