Time to go home…

I am losing track now of the days… I don’t think I have updated for days 12, 13 and 14 yet. It feels like we have been away for ages, not just 2 weeks.

Quickly a recap of the past couple days: Thursday we spent our last day in Anaheim at the Disney parks – going between California Adventure Park and Disneyland. I could tell we were both just exhausted and (I can’t believe I am admitting this) Disney’d-out. Never thought I’d say that! We didn’t go on many rides but we did a couple things we hadn’t yet like watch the Aladdin show at DCAP, it was a live show in a theatre and it was very well done! I totally recommend it!! We also went to the Animation Academy that was hosted by a Disney Animator and we learned how to draw Mickey Mouse. We kept our drawings and will take them home for souvenirs. That was actually a lot of fun and we wished we had done it sooner, as they rotate between which characters they teach you. We didn’t have time to do any others though.

At DL, we treated ourselves to dinner at the Blue Bayou restaurant which is actually located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride building. The atmosphere is so cool as it feels like you are outside but you’re really not of course, and you can watch the boats full of people sailing by on their way to the first waterfall. We made reservations earlier in the day and we were able to get a seat right beside the water – it was awesome! The food on the other hand was not worth the $$. We stayed to watch the parade then we left and walked back to the hotel to pack. Oh, oops, I forgot to mention something – it was our 2nd Anniversary! We had both forgotten what date it was until the day before so we thought it was very cool that we got to spend our 2nd anniversary at the Disney resort! Too bad we were so tired and worn out, lol.

Friday we got up and headed north towards San Francisco. We made a quick stop in Santa Cruz and were really disappointed. It was like a ghost town, completely deserted. I guess it must be very different in the summer when it is busy, but nothing was open, the entire boardwalk was closed down. It was almost eerie. The rides looked very old and in need of some updating. Perhaps we saw it this way as we had just come from Disney, and I believe that Disney modeled their rollercoaster area of the “Pier” at DCAP after the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Well, um, we couldn’t help thinking that Disney did a WAY better job of it!

We arrived in San Francisco at our friends Jen & Peter’s house at 7pm. We stayed overnight and this morning we headed over to the San Francisco Zoo – it was great! Brent took a ton of pictures so I’ll post them later. I put too much in my purse (heavy stuff, I always do this), like my camera, a bottle of water, my big wallet, etc. So we’re standing there viewing the giraffes and my purse strap breaks! I had 2 long thin straps and one broke, I guess because of the weight. Damn. So all day long (we were out until 10:30pm) I had to walk around with this dumb looking purse with only one strap. I did mention to Brent that now I can get a new purse- what a perfect excuse! He says “You don’t need a new purse – you can just sew the strap back on”. Gee, lovely….  He just doesn’t get it….

We had a really fun day though, Jen and Peter spoiled us! After the Zoo, we went to Fisherman’s wharf, then across the Bay bridge to some neat little shops (and the Crate and Barrel outlet store), then back to downtown and to this huge mall (where we hit up the regular Crate and Barrel store as well as lots of other cool stores). Jen and I ditched the guys for an hour so we could go shop without them, hehe. We finished the day off with a fabulous dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Lisa – I thought about you – the whole thing was done in an Australian theme!

Tomorrow we leave for the rest of the drive home, I think we will take the I-5 the entire way so it will take us about 11-12 hours probably. I am really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again (even if it does mean that I will have to share my pillow with 2 dogs, hehe).