Thrifty Thursday – Great Finds


We have found some incredible deals at thrift stores so I wanted to share some of our best finds as of recently. When I lived in California, the area I was in did not have many thrift stores at all and the ones it did have were a big disappointment. So while I was living there I gave up on thrifting. Sad. So it really does depend on the quality and abundance of thrift stores in your area. We have a few that we really enjoy going to, and then there are several that we won’t step in ever again. Thrift stores, resale stores, kids consignment stores – these are where we have found some great deals. We tend to go looking for stuff we can use for the animals such as new crates, cages, bowls, etc. One time we found a giant parrot cage that was brand new  – for $60 (regular price of the exact one is $400+) so you better believe we snatched that up pretty quick. But we have found some wonderful other treasures as well!

Here are our most recent “Great Finds”

“Toot” the Train



This one was a few months ago but it’s still one of our favorite additions to our home. It’s a Fisher Price train set “Toot the Train” – complete set and it is fully working as well. It’s in excellent condition and was all neatly packaged together when I found it. Guess how much? $4. I found the exact one, also used of course since it’s from the late 90’s, for $100 online. So for $4, it was an INCREDIBLE deal. Even better though, we set it up Christmas Eve in front of our Christmas tree, and all of us adults (my parents, Steve and myself) were just enthralled with it. I have always wanted a train set to put around our tree, or in front of it. This train added a whole new level of magic to our Holiday. Ava loves it as well and knows how to turn him on and everything. We have all spent lots of time playing with Toot!


“Elmo” Wilton Cake Pan


When I saw this cake pan I knew I had to get it to put away for future use. Even though at the time Ava didn’t have a clue who Elmo was, she has very quickly learned who he is just within the last few days. She is now obsessed with everything “Elmo”. So glad I listened to my inner voice and bought this cake pan a couple months ago! It’s brand new and was only $3. Score!!


Glass Cake Dome & Plate


I love this so much and was so happy when I found it. It is really quite heavy and beautiful in person. A glass cake plate with dome and for the set it was $4. Amazing. I washed it as soon as we got home and left it to dry in the dish rack, so anxious to use it. I had baked muffins that day and my wonderful husband saw it in the rack, dried it and put all the muffins in it. It looked great on the counter, and he even said to me “this was really a great find! I’m glad you found it”. Yes, I’m glad too.





Thrift stores are a great place to pick up some cheap DVDs but I always open the box and examine the DVD before I get it. If there are any scratches at all, it goes back. We have been fortunate though in finding several brand new and sealed DVDs even. Most recently I picked up some kids DVD’s for the future when Ava might be interested in them. I’ll be honest and say that the Berenstein bears one is more for me, haha. That was always my favorite series when I was a kid, and it was a special treat when the cartoons came on TV. Now those same cartoons from the 80’s are on DVD’s and I think I own almost all of them now. I keep telling myself that Ava will like them one day. DVD’s were all $1.99 each.



Ava LOVES books, a girl after my own heart. She has quite the library already and  she literally spends hours everyday looking at books, bringing them to us to read to her, and scattering them all over the house.


The first thing I do at any thrift or consignment store is to check out their book section. I’ve managed to find some excellent books (Where the Wild Things Are, Courderoy, Berenstein Bears, Board Books) in almost new condition for anywhere from 0.50 cents to $1 or $2 each. Most are around $1 or cheaper. I try to be picky with the books we get though since she has such a great library already, but there are just some I cannot pass up.

Also in the book section, Steve goes nuts here. He always comes home with at least a couple new books – usually the “do-it-yourself” type books. Oh or Star Wars. Actually anything Star Wars related that we find usually ends up coming home with us.


“Farley” the Singing Frog



This frog is quite hilarious and since Ava loves stuffed animals that sing or dance, this was a must have. It is a Gund and still had all original tags on it (and original price tag of $35) and was clearly brand new. However he barely made a peep so I figured his batteries had died and just needed some new ones. For $4 he was a great deal! Yes he is wearing a graduation cap and is holding a diploma but that doesn’t bother Ava. He sings “Shout” and waves his arms around while his mouth opens and closes as he sings. It’s actually not nearly as annoying as some of her other toys, which is good since we have to listen to him sing “Shout” about 20 times while she is eating dinner. She actually has 4 of these critters now that sit on our table and they provide her with entertainment while she dines. What a lucky kid, Dinner and a Show every night! 🙂


Ava’s Dinner Entertainment Group.

Pottery Barn Kids Clock


I found this a few months ago as well and it made a very nice addition to Ava’s room. It’s in perfect condition and was only $5!


Baby Shoes


We have this wonderful Kids Consignment Store nearby and they have a great selection of little shoes. Often I’ve been able to find good quality shoes that are almost new. Recently I found this pair of Skechers and a pair of Puma shoes too – both were $2 a pair and look like they’ve barely been worn. I’ve found many Stride Rite’s, Keen’s, Skechers, Merrill’s and Crocs at this store too. Ava officially has more shoes than I do now.

Bee Bop Band



I was really excited to find this as all pieces are here including a couple wooden Melissa & Doug pieces! All for $6! I really like these toys by B. I’ve eyed this set many times at Target and Ava has a few other toys from this company which she really likes. I washed everything as soon as we got home and Ava has enjoyed playing with her new stuff.

Thrifting is so much fun – and addicting! What are your favorite thrifty finds?