Happy 10th to Dasha!

Happy 10th Birthday to Dasha!!! Dasha’s mom, Jodi, is one of my closest friends and I am so thankful to have met her. I get to see her often as she lives across the street, but those days are numbered : (

This weekend we had them both over for a little birthday dinner for Dasha, finishing off with a yummy ice cream cake!




We got Dasha this cute little hamster for her birthday. She’s been begging for another pet for so long and Jodi said it was ok if we got it for her. It was very cute as I took both J & D to the petstore and we told Dasha that I had to stop off there for something. She thought I was getting something for the dogs but she made a beeline for the small animal cages anyway to gawk over them. When we told her she could have one and that’s why we were there, she was beyond shocked! She totally reminds me so much of how I was at her age: her incredible love for animals, her love of reading, playing outside, and love of desserts! haha

My question for you this week is: If you could have an entire day to do whatever you wanted (assuming money was no object) what would you do?

Anyway it’s late, I should get to bed. I head off to Victoria tomorrow to visit my family for a couple weeks, I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. I’m sure my neices will be so much more grown up since I last saw them at Christmas! I can’t wait to see everyone.

I do have a new tutorial, I promise I will get it posted tomorrow for sure! : )

Sweet dreams