This past week

Another busy week has gone by and this one is just starting out! I’ve been taking a little break from scrapbooking but I have started a couple new projects that I hope to finish soon. (will post pics when they’re done).

Never a dull moment around here anymore – with so many little critters running around. Oscar is catching on quick about stuff too – now when I say the word “treat”, within 2 seconds I have 4 little faces staring up at me. lol

It’s also been a week of mishaps one after the other. You know, when nothing seems to go right. We bought a new screen door for our kitchen and it came missing parts. ergh. The front piece keeps falling off one of our drawers in the kitchen no matter how many times we screw it back on. Just little things like this happening again and again. Two of the big ones that stand out is when I almost lost Angus the other night. A real stupid move on my part. I was rearranging the furniture and doing a major clean one night and I went downstairs to take the recycling out. Angus and Zoey were downstairs and wanted to go out, so I let them out WITHOUT their leashes and collars (they don’t wear their collars in the house). They’ve been really good lately and they usually stay beside the house. But this time Zoey saw a cat across the street. I saw her head perk up and knew what she saw so I grabbed her before she bolted. I was trying to usher Angus back into the house real quick before he saw the cat but too late. He took off after the cat like a lightening bolt. Off course the cat runs and he keeps chasing it. So there I am running after him with Zoey in my arms and it was starting to get dark. I finally found Angus behind the houses that are across from ours. I told him to WAIT like 10 times before he finally stopped and waited. Since I had no leashes with me I had no choice but to pick him up too, therefore having to march back to the house with a 22 pound dog under EACH arm. I was so not impressed but it was my own fault. Never again! The next stupid thing I did was just tonight -I was cutting veggies to make Brent a salad to take to work with him and I dropped the knife. It went straight into the base of my middle toe then bounced to the floor. I didn’t even realize it went into my toe until I bent down to get the knife and there was suddenly a pool of blood under my foot!! (I’m not exaggerating there was a ton of blood). I was like “oh no!!” (lol) and Brent saw me from the living room and asked what happened. All I could do was hold the knife up and then I started crying at the sight of all the blood. I still cannot believe how such a relatively small cut could bleed so much, it would have made more sense if I had severed my entire toe off. Anyway, its fine and it didn’t even hurt much so I felt like an idiot for crying. It did take awhile to stop the bleeding though and its sore now, hours later. The funny thing is that I always seem to hurt myself in the kitchen. the last major thing I did was I sliced my knuckle open to the bone on a tin can. Now that hurt!! For weeks after too. I made a joke to Brent and said “hey, this is a sign that I don’t belong in the kitchen”, and he agreed with me! lol

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now. Here are some pictures from the last week

Here is Oscar – I took this last night, he just looks so darn cute! He’s 15 weeks now and growing lots – he weighs almost 3 pounds now. Gotta get these cute photos while he’s still tiny šŸ™‚

A normal day at our house:

Angus sleeping on a pillow…

Zoey sleeping on a pillow…..

and now even Oscar is sleeping on a pillow! Gracie is the only one who doesn’t curl up on the pillows!

Last weekend we went and played at the new mini golf at playland

A few nights ago we took the dogs to a local park. Believe it or not Angus loves going in the baby swing! He’s been in many before and actually relaxes and does not try to get out. He enjoys being pushed a little too. Zoey got a bit jealous and wanted to sit in my lap while I was on the swing. Such funny dogs they are!


Ha!! Caught in the act! It’s official, Gracie and Oscar DO like each other! No more hissing and spitting between these two.