This n’ that

I’ve recently discovered Google Reader – and totally loving being able to read daily updates on my favorite blogs and sites all in one place. So cool! Google is so amazing, they keep coming out with more and more tools to use on there – I just need some more time to learn how to use them all.

So not a whole lot of new stuff going on here. Summer has gone by in a blink and once again we have crappy weather here. Feels more like Fall out there then summer. I think we’ve been able to spend a total of 2 evenings out on our deck enjoying the warm summer nights so far, yep TWO, that’s it. So disappointing.

I’ve only been to see one movie this summer – Knocked Up. It was hilarious, most likely I will buy it when it comes out on DVD. I cannot believe how incredibly well the Simpsons movie did, but I guess its not too surprising considering how popular that show still is. I admit, I did go to 7-11 when I heard they had all the Simpson’s paraphernalia there and I got my collector’s Squishee cup, lol. I’m not even a Simpson’s fan, no really I’m not. Of course I’ve seen the show (occasionally when I’m lying in bed unable to sleep and it’s the only thing on tv late at night…). However something really cool happened here in Vancouver, they turned one of the 7-11’s into the Kwik-e-Mart – they had the sign up over the regular 7-11 sign and had life size Simpson’s characters inside. After hearing that they only chose twelve 7-11’s to transform into the Kwik-E-Mart, 11 throughout the USA, and only one in Canada – how cool that the only Canadian location was local! I wanted to go see it but it wasn’t that close to us, sort of on the other side of the city and a hassle to get to. I also heard it was only going to be up for a month. So one day while we were downtown picking one of Brent’s friends up, the topic of the Kwik-E-Mart came up and I managed to convince the 2 guys to come with me to check it out. It meant going completely out of our way to get there but they reluctantly agreed. Yay! I even had my camera so I was excited. Lol. We get to the 7-11 and that’s just what it was, a 7-11, no Kwik-E-Mart sign up. BUT there was all this tape all over the sign that made me think they had just taken the Kwik E Mart sign off. We went inside and there was nothing Simpson-y about the place, no characters, not even a squishee cup left. We asked the not-very-friendly cashier if this had been the Kwik E Mart and she responded “No more Kwik-E-mart!!”. OKAY. Lovely. Apparently we had missed it by a day. Just our luck, oh well. We each got a slurpee for our long ride home.

I did manage to find some pictures online