Thinking Christmas already??

I know, it seems like its waaaaayyy too early to already be thinking about Christmas!!!  Especially since it was so nice weather wise (finally!!) here today and was actually beautiful, sunny and HOT out! Here is a Clear Holiday Mini Album I will be teaching  at Precious Memories (and of course, once again staring none other than the 2 lovely terriers: Angus & Zoey) (This is also due to the fact that I didn’t take many Christmas photos last year – obviously….)













Tonight I have been tending to the needs of many little furry critters. My parents 2 dachshunds are staying with us for the weekend so its been a crazy chaotic evening with animals running every which way or trying to sit on my lap. It was also grooming night for the piggies – time for them to have their nails clipped and ears cleaned. Fiesty little Ernest bit me twice – on purpose. I’ve never known a viscious guinea pig before! But this little guy has such an atttitude – he didn’t break the skin this time, but it still hurt! And I managed to clip Arthur ‘s (the rabbit that refuses to be picked up or held) nails too all by myself and I didn’t get clawed to death!! This is a major accomplishment as it usually takes 2 of us to catch him, wrap him in a blanket and hold him down.

While sorting through some photos on my computer tonight I found a couple that were taken when Oscar was just a tiny baby (a couple months ago, lol)




Here is one from a few nights ago: I was taking some carrots up to the rabbit and piggies and left them on the couch for a second while grabbing something else from the kitchen. When I came back, Angus had helped himself to one of the carrots and was happily knawing away on it. He was so proud of himself and he even carried the carrot all the way upstairs and into our room to take it to bed with him!


It’s getting late so I should get to bed. All the dogs and cats are finally asleep and are spread out around me in various places. They are so sweet and innocent when they are sleeping so soundly,  (and not barking, hissing, growling, playing, etc….with one another)

Oh, here is a photo of my new glasses, hehe (it’s in black and white cause my poor very infected eyes are so red in the color pics). I haven’t gone this long without wearing my contacts for about 15 years!!!!