There’s a frog in my bed…..

Just had to post this cute picture of Zoey from a few nights ago. She has a select few favorite toys that she carries all over the house, hiding them in various places. Her ultimate favorite is this little frog, with a little yellow duck as a close second. I am constantly finding her little stuffed friends tucked behind a pillow on the couch, in the basket of laundry or other random places around the house. but this was the cutest…coming into the bedroom and finding her curled up with the frog. 

I’m missing the dogs tonight – they are over on the island with my parents for the next week, having a glorious time I’m sure and being spoiled rotten. I leave first thing in the morning for California – yay!

I just wanted to thank everyone for your sweet comments about my book! I will do the draw on Feb 2 and announce the winner then. 

Ok, I really need to get to bed now, have to be up in 4 hours!