the sound of Autumn


Just a short post for today as its getting real late and I have to be up real early tomorrow.

*had a horrible sleep: was up a couple times with the dogs who wanted to go out at 1:30am and then Zoey woke me up around 6 again. Being the only day this week that I could sleep in, I made myself stay in bed until 8

*Got up, took the dogs for a walk then started working on lessons for the 102 Technique class – finishing up todays class and working on next weeks.

* Worked until 11:30, then Jodi dropped Dasha off. (Jodi was going to a funeral, for a child, so so sad. Dasha was staying with us for the afternoon)

*Brent and I both had work to do so we kept switching off, taking turns playing with Dasha.

*Brent made us all lunch then we took the dogs for a walk to this trail in the woods we often go to.

*Came home, Brent and Dasha played Mario Party on the Wii and I worked on more class stuff.

*Jodi picked Dasha up then I had an online class chat for an hour

* Had dinner then had the 2nd online class chat

* Studied for my midtern that’s tomorrow for several hours


Kids really do say the cutest things. It’s fun having Dasha over cause she is such a smart kid, she loves the animals (and they adore her too!), she’s very outgoing and talkative, and she’s just an overall great kid. While we were walking through the woods today, there were huge colorful leaves all over the path – it was like we were walking through a thick blanket of them. All of a sudden Dasha says “I love the sound of Autumn”. The sound of Autumn: the sound of the leaves crunching under our feet.

One of the things I wanted to find on our walk was a nice branch that resembled a dead tree – with lots of little branches coming off of it. I have this idea for a Halloween decoration – and I need this branch to look like a little dead tree cause I want to hang little decorations on it. So we were all on the hunt for this perfectly sized branch. At one point Brent asked if I could just use something else like this wire jewelry tree stand that I got at Ikea. I said I really wanted a real branch. Because of course, I like to make things difficult, lol. So Dasha then says ” She likes to be creative Brent….afterall she is a scrapbooker!”  

Too funny Dasha, too funny.