The fires are getting closer…

What a scary thing this is – all these crazy wild fires burning here in Southern California. They aren’t in the area I’m in but they are getting closer. Our usual blue sky was all hazy and overcast looking, but it was all smoke. We can smell it in the mornings at the zoo. I’ve never been in this kind of situation before and there is a possibility if the fires get too close, that we’ll have to evacuate the zoo.


I took this picture at the college today – it was much more dramatic in real life, but you can really see all the smoke in the sky.


This one was taken yesterday on the 118 – lots of smoke in the distance. We actually could see the fires burning off in the hills at one point from the freeway.

It’s still so incredibly hot here. Yesterday I only had classes in the morning and had the entire afternoon off so I got to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain! I was so excited!!! It was even hotter there though and I think between the heat and riding the crazy rollercoasters, it just did me in.  I was pretty sick! I was still a little dizzy and nauseous today!

I do have to say that the ride Tatsu is definitely the scariest ride I’ve ever been on.  It is the largest, tallest and fastest flying coaster in the world. A flying coaster is where you are facing downwards, as if you are flying.


it starts out like this, you sit in the seats and get harnessed in


then it rotates 90 degrees so you’re facing downwards! I totally felt like I was going to fall right out! yikes!!



So believe it or not, I do not like heights, at all. So the scariest part for me was when we started up the first huge climb as we were moving slower, but facing downwards watching the park below us getting smaller and smaller. Then everything else happened so fast, we were whizzing through loops and steep hills and wow, crazy!!! It was seriously the longest 90 seconds of my life.

So school stuff is going well, days are blending together for me its so busy. I just added a couple more classes too so I’m up to 24 units this semester! The thing is – my friends are all taking the same courses. (how very highschoolish of me to say that!!). But honestly, it will be so much easier to study as a group, and the extra classes are fairly easy. Better to get them done now.

I am really learning to value time off, even when it’s only a couple hours. I really love Mondays now too cause I only have classes in the morning then I have the entire rest of the day off and no zoo duties. I consider it a day off, lol

Here is a picture of Hudson, the beaver. He’s so stinkin cute, I just love him!!! He was out with his trainer on the lawn in front of one of our classrooms the other day, so I snapped a quick photo of him with my phone.