I’ve been tagged!

Liddy tagged me and I now finally have a few minutes (during the commercial of Dancing with the Stars) to sit down and think of 7 random facts about myself..

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Ok, well here are 7 completely useless facts about me:

1. I was an incredibly shy child. When I was 10, I was really interested in playing golf so my parents enrolled me in a week long golf school for Spring Break. I was the only girl in the class and on the first day someone called me Rebecca by mistake. I was too shy to correct them. So… for the rest of the week everyone called me Rebecca. On the last day of the course they presented us each with little diplomas. When the instructor came to mine he said “oh, it says Jessica on it, they got your name wrong”, so then I finally spoke up “my name is Jessica” I told him quietly. “Then why did you let us call you Rebecca all week?” he asked. I was really embarrassed and mumbled I didn’t know. To this day, whenever I hear the name Rebecca I still think how it was my name for an entire week once a long time ago… lol

2. I was always afraid of dressed up people when I was little. I’m talking about Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, all those incredibly SCARY characters out there! hehe. We have pictures of us at Disneyland where I am clinging to my dad for dear life and there is Winnie the Pooh standing there in front of us – and I was 6. We also have a picture of me standing beside Chuckie Cheese one day – I was actually standing with him alone – this was a big moment for me. The ones that really freaked me out were the really tall ones, like Goofy, Brer Bear, Captain Hook, etc. I would lead my family in the opposite direction whenever I saw one of them. Well, as embarrassing as this is, I never really truly grew out of this odd phobia. Last year when Brent and I were at Disneyland, we saw (of course) Goofy making the rounds on Main Street one day. Naturally, I turned and went in the opposite direction. Brent noticed right away (as he loves to tease me and tell people about my little “fear”, (thanks for that B!!)) and of course he had to speak up and point out WHY I was going the other way, AWAY from Goofy. Lol, well ok, at least I can laugh about it.

3. I can watch certain movies over and over and over until I know the lines off by heart. Such as: Sweet Home Alabama, Wedding Crashers, Just Friends, The Holiday, American Pie 1 & 2, Dirty Dancing… and the only movie that makes me cry (and it does it every time right at the end) is Armageddon.

4. I really want to take ballroom dancing lessons (thanks to Dancing with the Stars)

5. I’ve been to New York City twice and both times we really wanted to go up the Statue of Liberty. The first time we were there they wouldn’t let anyone onto the island as they were doing repairs on the statue. All we could do was stay on the ferry and circle the island. The next time, years later, we actually made it onto the island. We were then told that the elevator has broken down so if we wanted to go up, we had to walk all the way up. There were so many people it was about a 3 hour wait or something ridiculous like that. So we visited the gift shop instead.

6. I love visiting museums and science centers. (we were just at the Indianapolis Children’s museum yesterday – it was awesome!!)

7. I am completely uncoordinated when it comes to ice skating or rollerblading. I have a lovely new pair of rollerblades I’ve had almost 2 years. After being out on them once and not having much luck, they have remained in their box in the garage. One day I will try again. Yeah. One day.

So, these are the people I have tagged (sorry girls :)) – I randomly choose team members from the ISA