Supernatural TV Show

Something cool is happening in our neighborhood! They are filming an episode of the TV show “Supernatural” in the very place we have been walking our dogs at several times a week. The abandoned Airforce barracks is currently one big tv set. While we were walking there a couple days ago, they were putting up a couple small buildings/props. Of course I had Brent take some photos! We didn’t know what they were planning to film there but I was dying to find out so I asked one of the security guards and she told me. How cool!!! This area is usually bare – nothing is there but some old streets that are only used by people walking their dogs. They built a small Cafe and what looks like an old inn that is almost burnt down. They also brought in a scorched motorhome and they put up a street lamp and a stop sign. They were actually filming today as we went to go for a walk but the place was packed with people and cars and we weren’t able to go in for our walk. Too bad, I would have loved to see them filming! I’ve only seen the show a couple times but now I’m going to start watching it – apparently they do a lot of filming in this area – and they film the show Smallville around here too. So cool!!! (I don’t watch that show either, but maybe I should)







march6.jpg movie2.jpg