Starting A Week in the Life…..

I have really wanted to partake in Ali E’s Week in the Life challenge so I’m going to try it starting now. I know, I am totally late with this, but better late than never right?

Here is a recap of the last 5 days (I will try to get some photos up here later):

  • Started volunteering at a wild animal rehabilitation center called Critter Care
  • Got to touch raccoons and was surprised at how soft the pads of their feet are
  • Petted a bobcat
  • Rented the DVD “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” – totally hilarious
  • Started teaching 2 online classes and had 2 class chat nights
  • Went to the Celine Dion concert
  • Brent’s mom and sister came for a visit and stayed the night
  • Had a date night with Brent – went out for a great dinner then for a walk
  • Bathed the dogs
  • Did a major clean of the house
  • And in between all this, worked and went to college and still had the bad head cold but finally seeing the last of it!


  • Woke up at 6:30 by my internal clock – was expecting Brent to be home from work any minute
  • Got a text from Brent at 7 saying he was stuck at work and would be late
  • Had a snuggle with Angus and Zoey then got up at 8
  • Took the dogs out for a little walk – brrrrr – it was a chilly morning!
  • Fed the dogs and the cats, then had some special K with red berries for breakfast
  • Checked and responded to emails
  • Brent got home from work, turned the news on, and lay on the couch beside me while I finished up with emails
  • Had a shower and got ready for work
  • Rushed out the door, noticed Brent had fallen asleep on the couch
  • Went to work at Tilano
  • Left work at 2:30 and went to Starbucks for my Green Tea Misto
  • Hurried to College and arrived at 2:59 for my 3:00 class
  • Was excited to see that the vending machines have healthy snacks including my favorite brand of baked apple chips!
  • Sat through 2.5 hours of class, yawning continuously through the last half (I couldn’t help it!)
  • Left college at 5:30 and drove home, got stuck in major traffic!!! Took over an hour to get home due to a major accident that happened in the tunnel. (A car flipped over right inside the tunnel!!) They closed down both lanes going into the tunnel and hundreds and hundreds of cars were stuck – some inside the tunnel too (a total nightmare for me). They finally opened the counterflow lane on the other side of the tunnel so I was one of the lucky ones who made it through finally. I feel bad for all those who are stuck cause they will most likely be there for hours…
  • Got home and Brent had dinner waiting for me  *ahhh, bliss*
  • Ate dinner, then did some more emails
  • Worked on next week’s class material for Techniques 102
  • Took the dogs for a walk
  • Went to bed at 10 and watched ER.
  • Watched Jay Leno’s monologue then fell asleep. For whatever reason I just cannot seem to stay awake past that point every night!!

A little blurb on Critter Care Wildlife Rehabilitation. This place is so awesome!! They take in any wildlife from around BC that is injured or orphaned and they care for them until they are able to release them back into the wild. It is not government funded, it’s completed run on donations and volunteers. Right now they have about 30 raccoons, a bunch of squirrels and possums, 2 beavers, 9 bears, and a resident bobcat that lives there all the time. (it was an exotic pet that someone had and didn’t want and its been living at CC since it was a baby, she is now 5. and she is really well looked after and very spoiled!). I got to visit with her and pet her. She is so cute and so friendly! I also got to meet the raccoons and a few of them reached out and I touched their little hands – they are so smooth! I have a whole new appreciation for raccoons now after seeing them up close. They are pretty friendly and very smart. Anyway, I am very happy to be volunteering there. I was told that I will be bitten and scratched and there is no way around that. Oh well, I’ve been bitten and scratched by many animals before!