Some New Pics

Have a bunch of new pics to share! First up is another class I’ll be teaching at Precious Memories in January – Love Coupons using the awesome new Scenic Route line!


Today we took a trip to Grouse Mountain “The Peak of Vancouver”. Neither of us have ever been up there before and right now they have all these cool Christmas Activities going on on the top of the mountain (Sleigh rides, ice skating, snow shoeing, Christmas movies in the Theater, Santa’s Workshop, and real Reindeer. We each got annual passes (cause it was a better deal and now we will force ourselves to come back -lol) then we had to ride in the big gondola all the way up the mountain. I have a bit of an issue with heights and things like gondolas so it was the longest 8 minute ride EVER. I wouldn’t say I am afraid of gondolas (and other things that are suspended from cables hundreds of feet from the ground), I just prefer not to be in them.


Unfortunately the sleigh rides and snow shoeing were closed cause they are waiting for more snow to fall first. We walked all around, visited the reindeer and had dinner in the lodge (which is beautiful!), oh and we watched Charlie’s Brown Christmas in the theater. We didn’t stay up there too long, but now since we have annual passes, we can come back anytime. It was dark on our journey back down the mountain which made for beautiful scenery of the city lights below us. Almost made the gondola ride tolerable. Almost.




Forgot to mention on our way to the mountain we stopped at Brent’s favorite store (a photography store of course), and right across the street was one of my favorite stores – Cupcakes!!! We stopped in after and got 2 cupcakes – they are so yummy there!!




The last set of pics are from yesterday when we had all the furries playing in the kitchen together – they are all so cute! πŸ™‚


Angus and Gracie in the piggies room waiting for them to come and play



the 3 little piggies πŸ™‚