Snow Day!!! November 26, 2007


What a day!! We have gotten majorly dumped on with snow over here on the West Coast. I just had the dogs out in it and I tried to take some pictures but it was dark, snowing still, and I was getting pulled in 2 different directions by the dogs so it was difficult. I managed to get a few but they aren’t very good.

Angus and Zoey LOVE this snow – it surprises me actually cause they hate the rain and getting wet. They love bounding around in the snow bluffs but then as soon as we come in, they try to dry themselves off on the towel and then they are right in front of the fire on their big pillow. Lol!

Here are a few pics:


Me and my best friend.

Brent took this one a couple nights ago: I fell asleep on the couch with Angus.


Angus and Zoey wearing their fleece hoodies



One of the trees next to our house



More trees



Angus happy to be back inside – warming up by the Fire