…smile because it happened…..

I am happy to report that the weather here lately has been quite fantastic! The leaves are beginning to fall so its looking like Autumn is arriving, but the sun has been shining and temperatures have been warm which is so nice. Last weekend Brent and I were both home on Sunday (which is rare these days that we have the same day off together!), so we decided to do a major clean and reorganize of the house – yay!! I love it when we change things around. We ended up moving Brent’s big computer desk out of our dining room area upstairs to the spare room where the guinea pigs and rabbit are. We now have a dining room with just a table and chairs in it! Imagine that!! It looks so good downstairs now, we got rid of a lot of the clutter in our attempts to “simplify” things. Arthur was able to stay in what we call “the office” with Brent’s desk, but we had to move the piggies out, so now I have 2 liitle roomies with me in my scraproom. I had to completely re-arrange the room to fit their big cage in here, but it worked out and there is actually more room in here now cause I got rid of one of my big tables. (who needs an extra table? I end up doing most of my scrapbooking on the floor anyways! lol)


Notice Zoey on her favorite spot on the couch


It worked out great that we did such an awesome cleaning job too as everynight this week we’ve had people over! A couple nights my friend Randi came over to work on a scrapbook she’s making for her boyfriend, then one night while we were walking the dogs we ran into my friend Jodi and her daughter so they came over and we opened a bottle of wine and Brent cooked garlic prawns – we had a great time! This weekend we had a couple friends come visit us from Victoria and they stayed for the whole weekend, we had so much fun! They brought Rock Band with them so Brent and I got to play that for the first time – what a blast!


here are some more random pics from this weekend

Just hanging around the water cooler


And last, but definitely not least, we had our good friend Wouter come stay with us one night last week. He had just finished some traveling around Hawaii and was on his way home to the Netherlands. We have become really good friends with him the past 5 months while he was here in Vancouver. We will always remember Wouter for his love of ketchup, Diet Coke, and Coffee! We had so many great times: Road trip to Yellowstone, Silverwood Amusement Park, Boulder Beach Water Park, Hiking the Grouse Grind, Trips to Seattle and Victoria, Mini golfing, Food shows, Sushi, playing Wii….It’s sad now that he has left but we are hoping to go to Europe in June and we’ll go visit him then. I have to say that he is one of the nicest and most wonderful guys I have ever met and I know we will be friends with him forever.  This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

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