Sleepless Nights…

….and not enough hours in the day.  Our house is in complete chaos right now. With trying to clear some stuff out, pack and get the house ready to sell, it just seems like there is too much to do and not enough time left to do it in. I walk into a room and don’t even know where to start. We have boxes and rubbermaid bins in every room, as we try to sort out what to keep, what I want to take with me to California, and what to get rid of.
I won’t be able to take much, basically what we can fit into the back of the car.


I found this video on youtube – its about the EATM program that I got into – very cool!

Exotic Animal Training and Management Program

Zoey had her surgery a few days ago and is doing well. Her first night home was not good – she whimpered for hours and it broke my heart. She has a huge incision all the way from the bottom of her rib cage to her lower abdomen. We should have the results from her liver biopsy at the end of the week.

June will be my last month teaching scrapbooking classes at Precious Memories, well teaching classes anywhere actually. (for the next 2 years anyway). As of August, I officially become a student again. crazy…

A new class I’ll be teaching at PM in June is a Date book – this was really fun to put together! I made one for my mum for mother’s day and I also made a matching address book to go with it. (I put together a tutorial on this, I’ll try to get it listed in the next couple days).