She’s Back!

Yay, some good news! Gracie is home safe and sound. It was a very sad and stressful 38 hours for us while she was missing. Brent actually found her when he got home from work, he was calling her and heard a “meow” in the distance. He kept calling her name and kept hearing a meow in response so he followed the sound a couple doors down and found her hiding in some bushes in our neighbors yard! Huge relief!! It was quite close to the busy road too but thankfully she is ok and home now. I hadn’t realized how completely the whole ordeal consumed me for those 2 days and how worried I really was, but when Brent brought her into the house and I took her in my arms, I burst into tears!! Happy, relieved tears of course. 

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and thoughts, comments, emails, texts and phone calls! wow! We are so thankful to know so many caring people.