There’s a raccoon on my back!

Week in the Life continued…. (this is fun, I’m really enjoying this!)


*Woke up at 6:30am expecting Brent to get home from work any minute

*Got out of bed at 7 and went downstairs to get breakfast (Special K)

*Brent called at 7:15 and said he was just leaving work (he was working just down the street from our house which never happens – he usually works in another district)

*Went upstairs and got the dogs out of bed, took them for a walk to meet Brent

*Came home, fed the dogs, then checked email

*Left the house at 8 heading to the Critter Care Wildlife Rehab center.

*Spent the morning at Critter Care, mostly preparing food for the animals.

*Got to go into one of the raccoon cages to visit with them – so cool!!!

*Picked up my friend Jodi and her daughter Dasha after lunch to go get a sheet for Dasha’s Halloween costume (she is going to be a Starbucks cup)

*Got the sheet and headed home to work on the costume.

*Printed out a 12 x 12 Starbucks logo and Jodi glued it to the fabric – it looks awesome!

*All 4 of us headed out for a trip to the pumpkin patch

*Bought way too many pumpkins! What was I thinking???

*Brent cooked dinner for us all and while he was doing that Jodi helped me assemble a bunch of mini books for a school project

*We all stuffed ourselves with a fabulous meal!! (Roast beef, garlic roasted potatoes, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, and garlic prawns.).

*…and as if we weren’t full enough already, we went on another little drive, to Dairy Queen for blizzards!! Pumpkin pie blizzards are here – yummy!!!

*Came home and watched “The Holiday”. Love that movie. I was never a Jude Law fan before I saw this movie, but now….

I think I mentioned this before but I really like raccoons now! One of the other volunteers took me into one of the raccoon cages – there were 8 of them in there. As soon as we walked in, they rushed up to us, not to be vicious, but they were curious. Also, they know her real well as she cleans their cages everyday so she spends a lot of time in there with them. I knelt down and they came up to me putting their little hands on my legs and a few of them were trying to climb up my back. Half of them will be released back into the wild later this week, they have to be a certain weight before they will let them go.