3 Dogs & a Baby: Visit Santa

Last week when Steve and I went out for our date night, we stopped at the mall to do a little bit of early (well I guess it’s not that early) Christmas shopping. I noticed a sign up near the Santa visiting palace that they were doing a Pet Photo with Santa night! Woo!! Back in the day when Angus and Zoey were young pups I took them to see Santa for a few years in a row. We I was so excited about the possibility of getting a Santa photo with Ava AND all the dogs! So a couple nights ago, back we went to the mall for Pet Photo night (with all 3 dogs and Ava in tow). Despite it already being way past her bedtime, Ava was remarkably pretty happy. She was over the moon excited about being there with all these other dogs and we had to continuously go visit them as we were waiting in line as she happily announced “puppy!” to each of them.