Right now

I’m loving….

– no more snow on the ground. Finally it looks like Spring might be on the way! It’s been a very long cold bitter winter here. (or maybe I’m just bitter). I’m going to say this again: I miss living in California!

– Avocado. As in I am seriously obsessed with it right now. I am ashamed of myself that I *thought* I did not like it my entire life up until a few years ago. Maybe it was the texture and color that threw me off, I don’t know. All I know is I never tried it but was convinced I detested it. To the point where I would order California Rolls without the avocado, or I’d take it out. What a waste!!! The funny thing, it took a monkey to get me to try it. Good old Bennie, the little Capuchin I trained. He LOVED avocado, so I’d make him a treat sometimes: mashed avocado with diced tomatoes mixed in. One day, I licked the fork after making it. I was hooked. So I owe my mother an apology. She always told me how good avocado was and that I should try it. Sorry Mum!! I should have listened to you!  Wow, that was a really long blurb about avocado.

– Our video baby monitor. I have it on my bedside table and I wake up numerous times during the night just to check it. I usually stare at it waiting to see her flinch or move a foot or something just so I know she is ok. Sure, she often sleeps all the way through the night now but I still don’t. Thank goodness for this monitor though cause if we didn’t have it, I’d probably be camping out on the floor of her room every night.

– Zumba. For the Wii. Total awesomeness. The time flies by and it’s FUN. And I actually feel like I’m getting a good workout. I’m so tired and worn out after, it’s great!

– Physique 57. This is an exercise program on 4 DVD’s. It’s TOUGH. Really tough. I asked Steve to do it with me last week and he reluctantly said ok. He thought it was going to be some silly wimpy workout. Was he ever surprised!!! We were both cursing the TV while doing the workout as we couldn’t even keep up with the slowest person doing the exercises. You know the one – the one person who is on the far left of the screen who is doing all the moves the easiest as possible. The one they tell you to follow if you’re a beginner. We couldn’t even keep up with that one!!

– A couple new shows that are out: Red Widow and Bates Motel.

– The last 30 minutes before I fall asleep when I get into bed and snuggle with Steve and the puppies while we watch a show on TV. Usually I don’t make it 30 minutes. Usually I don’t even make it 10 minutes.

– And tonight I loved loved LOVED when Ava fell asleep in my arms. This has not happened in quite a long time. (quite a long time meaning like 4 months or so).