Right now….baby edition!

The post from a couple nights ago of what I am loving right now got me thinking of all the baby related things I’m loving right now. So here is a post just for all that stuff.

– large bibs. I had no idea how many bibs we’d go through once Ava started eating solids. FYI: I would hardly call what she’s eating SOLIDS right now. Purees and oatmeal cereal are far from being solid, which is why we go through so many bibs. Anyway, thanks to my Mum who made us a whole bunch of lovely large bibs!!

– Annoying musical toys with – believe it or not – even more annoying voices. How can I love an annoying toy? Easy, my baby loves it. Which means while she is in her highchair throwing a fit cause I can’t be holding her every second, if I give her said toy, then she is delighted. For about 3-4 minutes tops. But it is really freaking amazing how much I can now get done in the 3-4 minutes!! Love those toys!!! The most annoying of all is her fisher price remote control. Steve and I know all the words to all the annoying little sayings and songs it plays. And even more annoying, we catch ourselves humming or even singing out loud the songs at various times throughout the day. What??

– These nifty little bottle things made by Sassy that are actually meant for purees. I thought these were just going to sit in the cupboard forever and never get used but they have turned out to be a staple in the diaper bag. Whenever we go out for dinner I make sure I bring a pouch of baby food puree and one of these bottle things. Squirt the puree in, hand the bottle to Ava and she happily sucks away at it for a good 10 minutes or so until she finishes it. She has her dinner and there is no mess!! No worrying about bringing bowls and spoons and multiple cloths to clean her face, hands and hair (cause she is so quick she manages to stick her whole hand in her mouth then swipe it across her face and through her hair leaving a trail of sticky fruit). Yes these Sassy bottles are fab.


– Robeez shoes. Ava hates having socks on and manages to get them off within seconds. Well, being how it’s been SO cold here, she needs to wear socks. Period. She is great at taking shoes off too, and then her socks. But the Robeez shoes are ones that she has a lot of trouble getting off. Ha!! My sister gave us a couple pairs of these and Ava wears them all the time!

– Another food related item: Kidsme Feeders. They have a silicone end on them where you can put a piece of food inside and then the baby just sucks on it. Little bits of food disperse through the holes. I love this so much more than those weird net ones – way easier to clean. I also love how I can put a pacifier clip onto it and attach it to her shirt so she can’t throw it. We put banana (Ava’s favorite!), sweet potato, and I’ve put chunks of frozen purees in there too – seems to help when she is teething.

kidsme feeder

I know there are so many more things but I’ll save them for another post 🙂