Right now…. Baby edition

I thought it would be fun to document what Ava is loving right now. (since I’m really not good at keeping a scrapbook for her…yet)

  • She loves grapes, this is the one food she will not throw on the floor. No sharing grapes with the puppies! She also loves broccoli.
  • Peanut butter. She tried this for the first time a couple days ago and it was a huge hit. I’m glad we got that trial over with and no allergic reaction.
  • The chickens. Especially one chicken in particular – our Barred Rock chicken, “Nuna”. I don’t know what it is but she and Ava have some sort of connection. They literally run to each other and Nuna lets her pet her and everything. Kind of weird yes, but very cute.
  • Slides. She got to slide down a little slide at a playdate last week and she loved it. We have a small Little Tykes slide at home so I moved it into the backyard for her and she wants to go on it constantly.
  • Straw cups. Finally she learned how to suck stuff up from a straw, maybe 2 weeks ago now. She’s a little pro now.
  • Still her 2 Wubbanubs. We have the frog and the elephant. Basically its a pacifier stuck to a small stuffed animal. She adores these things, but only “needs” them at naptime, bedtime and when we are in the car. They really calm her down so I don’t mind one bit.
  • Maracas. Still LOVES these. I found some cute disney ones at the dollar store the other day. So now she has 2 sets.
  • Walking. Yes, my baby is now a walker. Officially took off on her own about a week ago on Sept 10. Now there is no stopping her!
  • Still loves our iphones and the remote control. Some things never change.
  • Gymboree class – she has so much fun there!
  • Board books – lately she always wants to have one in her hand and she carries it all over the place.


This is “Boba” (named after one of our real frogs)




Here she is with her maracas and her favorite chicken friend “Nuna”. She also took her very first unassisted steps this day – guess where? To get to the chicken!




At Gymboree class with daddy. I love the smiles on both their faces 🙂





here she is with the elephant wubbanub “Eli”. It was almost nap time so I let her have him.


Here she is on her slide, with a board book in her hand, and her chicken friends are running towards her. Just another day at “Ava’s Zoo”


Hanging out with her pal Norman.