Right now

  • not enjoying this winter in Illinois. Not. At. All.
  • Did a deep clean of the house yesterday and it felt fantastic. Although now my back doesn’t feel so fantastic….
  • Stayed up way too late last night and woke up way too early. (huge thank you to 2 of my dogs for waking me up to go outside at 3:00am – after they had been out at 1:30am!!)
  • I would actually be very happy if I never saw snow again.
  • I want sushi right now in the worst way.


In other news:

I recently got to review a very cool music album over at the Little Lake County Blog

This mini album of mine that was in my book was featured a couple weeks ago in Women’s World Magazine.

friends mini album

friends mini album


Over at Homeketeers I did a couple tutorials on some Kids Crafts:

These crayons were really fun to make and they are so easy for Ava to hang on to!

DIY homemade toddler crayons

DIY homemade crayons

the other kids craft is also using crayons: stained glass crayon melt art

stained glass crayon melt art kids craft

I’ve been baking and creating new recipes like crazy. All those cookies that I baked last week took me back to the baking I did for our wedding almost 3 years ago. I baked hundreds of cookies and hundreds of cupcakes from scratch! Right up to the morning of our wedding day (as I wanted everything to be fresh). Thankfully a few of my friends helped and one of my friends husbands came over to finish baking some of the cupcakes for me so I could go get my hair done! Thinking back on it now, I can’t believe we managed to pull it all off!

For old times sake, here are some photos of our wedding baked goods: everyone got one of these Mickey cookies – which turned out to be HUGE so there were 100 of those.

mickey mouse wedding favor cookie disney

wedding favor heart cookies


Then we had plates of mini heart cookies on each table so there were probably 300+ of those. And we had a Cupcake Display as well as a cake. My goodness. I think we had about 100 full size cupcakes and 100 mini cupcakes. 3 different flavors and 1 plate of gluten & dairy free for those with special diets. More on our wedding here

wedding cupcake display

wedding cupcake display

white chocolate chip cupcakes wedding

wedding cupcake display

I did create all the recipes myself so I will scrounge those up and post them up here soon. The few months leading up to the wedding I did so much baking, trying to find the perfect recipes. It was a good thing I had 100 testers as not only would my 5 roommates test them for me, but I took everything else to the zoo and let everyone there test them out 🙂 I do miss those days…. Now my only taste testers are my toddler and my pig and neither of them provide very accurate feedback. Ava will eat anything in a cookie or cupcake form and Norman will eat….well…ANYTHING at all. Steve does not like sweets, so he’s out. (occasionally  though he’ll like something, like the cookies I made last week).

So that’s what’s going on around here right now. Feel free to share what’s going on in your world 🙂