Right now…

I am loving:

  • getting hugs from Ava – this tiny gesture alone is enough to make my entire day
  • the start of Fall. I love summer but I feel almost giddy with anticipation for the Fall to arrive!
  • fitting into clothes that I haven’t fit into in over 2 years
  • that it’s finally cooled off enough that I can start running outside again
  • craigslist. I sold the strollers we were no longer using and bought the one that I have been wanting all along. Finally found it on craigslist for a great deal and it was brand new!
  • family time. We have been making a consistent effort to get out as a family at least once or twice every week to explore somewhere new. Love.
  • snuggling with my dogs. I love early mornings when Angus gets into bed and cuddles with me. I hate that he is getting – dare I say the word – old.
  • pumpkin pie sugar free syrup. I won this last week for a challenge I’m in and it is SO good. I’ve been adding a little to my cappuchino’s – such a treat.
  • kettle bell workouts. Ok I’m not really loving them – they are darn hard!! But I’m loving how sore I am after cause it shows how much it makes my muscles work.
  • our backyard. I just love it. I love going out there with Ava during the day to visit whatever animals happen to be out there. I love that the chickens will come up to us and let us pet them. I love how Norman throws himself down in front of Ava hoping that she will rub his belly. I love watching Angus run and play with Moose like he is a puppy again. I love how Zoey joins in too sometimes! I love how Steve is usually out there working on some project (right now it’s the raccoon’s new enclosure) and how happy Ava gets when she sees him. I love how so many of 0ur animals can be out there together and everyone seems at peace with each other. (ie: the dogs do not chase the chickens! I still find this amazing.)
  • and finally, this is something I will never get tired of. I love watching my husband and our daughter together. Makes my heart so happy it feels like it will burst sometimes.