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Once again, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. I overheard Steve talking to Ava about it yesterday and when he said ” I get to have two Valentine’s – you and Mummy!” – I almost melted into a huge puddle of mush right there.

I have to admit that Valentine’s Day has never been a happy occasion to me until Steve came along. It holds sad but dear memories in my heart as my grandpa died on Valentine’s Day 15 years ago. 15 years. Hard to believe it’s been so long. I can still hear his voice, still see his smiling face, and still feel him holding my hand as he told me he loved me – mere days before he passed away. My grandma lived for many years after but she passed away before I moved away from Canada. I miss them both so much and I’m sad they never got to meet Steve or Ava. I know that they would be sad that I moved so far away from home but they would be happy that I was following my dream. Sometimes I so clearly see my grandma in Ava and it takes my breath away.

So back to this Valentine’s Day 🙂

I have recently posted some fun Valentine’s DIY projects over at Homeketeers:

This Heart Banner is my favorite as Ava helped me create it with her first ever finger painting!


I also got out my alcohol inks again and had fun creating these hearts:

These Love Bugs were a fun and quick little project too:

One last one, this is a super quick and easy garland to make using scrap pieces of fabric:

Happy Valentine’s Day!