Real life….

I have been such an awful blogger lately.

To be completely honest, its been rather tough around here the last couple weeks so I haven’t had much motivation to come on the computer and blog about it all. However, in a nutshell, this is what has been happening:We had some major car trouble a couple weeks ago. Brent was on his way to work very early in the morning and the car died on the highway, completely died. Brent heard a loud “pop” and then all these weird noises then it died. After getting it towed to the local automotive shop in our little town, we were told it needed a new engine.  a. new. ENGINE.  oh crap. Our car is only 5 years old and not even the oil light was on or anything, it was working fine the night before while we were out an about running errands. As we waited for various quotes to come in on how much a new engine would be and stuff, both Brent and I felt sick to our stomachs. We only have the 1 car and we both need it to go back and forth to work in. Luckily the automotive place had a curtosy car we could use so I walked down to their shop and picked it up. It was a 20 year old mazda but at least it was a working car! As luck (or bad luck) would have it, that very car died on Brent a couple days later on his way home from work – turns out it was out of oil!! What are the odds?? He got it home though and called the auto shop and they felt awful so I took it in the next morning on my way to work and they gave me a minivan instead. The minivan worked great but what a gas guzzler!! We spent $30 a DAY on gas! unreal.

So regarding our wonderful vehicle, it did get a new engine (they managed to find us a used one in really good condition with less milage then our car had) but they had to rebuild the entire thing. They also found that our clutch was on its way out so they replaced that too. After 20 hours of labor, yes 20, numerous parts, an engine, and lots of stress on our end, we got our car back – after about 8 days.  I won’t even say what the bill was, but I bet you can imagine….  I am trying to think of a way to turn this story into some way humourous but I just can’t right now. I did say to Brent several days ago “Well one day I’m sure we will find a way to laugh about this”. yeah hopefully, one day…

So other things going on with us: well I’ve been getting more eye infections so back to the optomitrist I go. My eyes have changed yet again so he gave me a prescription and told me that from now on when I get an eye infection I am NOT allowed to wear my contacts at all. He said that if the bacteria gets trapped between my contact and my cornea that my cornea can be penetrated and permanent eye damage can occur in less than 24 hours. Ok, enough said. Since I haven’t bought glasses in about a decade, he told me I need to get new ones, asap. The same day we picked our car up, we went to Lenscrafters where I picked out a new pair of glasses and they were able to have them ready in just over an hour. I was actually excited to get home to take my contacts out and try on my new glasses. Things looked odd though and I thought it was just cause my prescription changed again. But no,  the prescription in my new glasses is obviously wrong cause I can’t even read signs when I’m driving until I am right underneath them (and these are the huge green ones on the highway!). Scary!!! Now I have to go back to the optomistrist, *sigh*…And wouldn’t you know it, but I woke up with another eye infection yesteday! and a sore throat!! ugh

What a downer this entire blog post was! So sorry about that, but I guess it goes to show that not everything can be sunshine and flowers, lol. This is just real life.

On a positive note, I am working on some new scrapping projects today for classes so I will hopefully have some new pics up here soon. I haven’t been taking any photos around here lately and I really should. Our little Oscar is growing so fast – he’s not so little anymore. I bet by Christmas he will be bigger than Gracie!