Randomness Today in Our House/Zoo

Today Ava still isn’t feeling 100%, far from it I think. Back to the Dr we go tomorrow. *sigh*

So we stayed home all day, and Ava had a PJ’s day.


She asked continuously for a muffin and it’s so hard to say no to her when she asks so nicely “Pease??? Pease???”


When I do say no, this is the pouty face she gives me:


The muffins are pretty healthy though so I admit I did give in quite a bit – to an extent! (the muffins have veggies in them! See recipe here)

 While Ava napped I made a huge batch of cookies for Valentine’s Day. Well actually I made 2 slightly different recipes that I created this morning. I love how both came out but I actually preferred the one with spinach in it! Yes spinach! I think I’ve been having too much fun lately creating new recipes with hidden veggies. The cookie recipe (both recipes are dairy free) without the spinach is here and the one with spinach is here.


All 3 of us went crazy for the cookies later, they turned out really really good!

Ava loves to look at the fish in our kitchen. They are actually the fish from our pond outside but we decided we’d bring them in for the winter – I’m so glad we did! With this crazy weather we’ve had the last couple months, there is no way they would have survived out there. (even though they did survive out there last winter). Yes their names are Moby, Goldie and Fanny. I’ll let you guess who is who. Aren’t we original with our naming? And yes that’s a piece of muffin in Ava’s hand. Of course.


Our patagonian cavy, Waldo, came by for a visit today. There was a point where he wandered away and I didn’t see where he went. I checked under his usual places like under the table and behind the chair in the living room. Nope and nope. Then I said it… “Where’s Waldo??”. Ugh. Why on earth did we name him Waldo? lol

(It turns out that Waldo was down the hall checking out Ava’s room but I quickly brought him back to the living room)




A little bit later Ava and I skyped with my Mum. Of course as soon as we turn skype on, my usual chatty child clams up and no matter how hard my mum and I both try to get Ava to say something, to say anything, we barely get a “hi” whispered out of her and a small wave of her hand.

Next was bedtime for the kiddo but since Steve was out working tonight, I had another helper…..




But as you can see, Norman wasn’t much help at all.



Sweet Dreams!