Random Stuff

Where has the week gone? It went by so so fast.  I’m just finishing up some stuff for my last deadline which is coming up in a couple days, and I’ve been working on some class stuff too. I actually got to have a scrapping day yesterday though! Nicole came over and we hung out in my scraproom working on projects. She got a lot more accomplished then I did though. To be honest, I am feeling so burnt out right now. Besides scrapping, we also made a quick trip out to see the new Precious Memories store, then picked up Sushi for lunch on the way home – yum!!! Of course after we ate lunch, we wanted something sweet, and I have no sweets or chocolate or anything like that in the house right now. (Amazing I know). We looked through the cupboards and found one box of “No Pudge Brownies”. These things are the best!! No fat brownie mix and they taste like real full fat brownies. You can get them at most health food stores and places like Trader Joe’s has them too. So we stood there staring at the box wondering if we should make them. Then we closed the cupboard and still stood there. I was like “Should we make them?” and Nicole says “Well, we could just make them right now…..or we could go back upstairs, think about them, and talk about them, until we end up coming down here making them anyway.”. Good point. I like the way she thinks, lol. So we made them. As soon as we heard the oven timer go off, we ran downstairs, pulled them out of the oven and ate them with ice cream, LOL! So much for healthy eating today!

I did manage to get this little album done. I found these really cute Superman stickers when I was in Cincinnati  (Brent just LOVES Superman), so I made a mini book in the shape of the superman logo. It was a quick book to make, except for the cover, cause I wanted to make it different and instead of having the”S”on there, I made a “B” – it was a bit tricky but it worked!








And here are some random pictures of some things that have been going on around here the last couple weeks. The first ones are of Angus when he got stuck in the bathtub, hehe. Brent and I went out one night to get some groceries and when we got home only Zoey greeted us. (They both ALWAYS greet us – to see what treats we brought for them of course). We called Angus and he didn’t come which was really strange. Then I heard a weird noise coming from upstairs – like claws in the bathtub. We ran upstairs and there was Angus in one of the bathrooms – in the tub! He couldn’t get out! We figured he was playing with the cat and chased her in there, and because our tubs are really deep, he couldn’t climb out.




We took the dogs for a walk at this gorgeous beach in White Rock last week.



Having a little fun in the car with my iphone



I took this while I was driving down the highway towards Vancouver yesterday. This photo doesn’t do it justice – but the mountains looked absolutely A M A Z I N G