Portland Day 2

6 classes down, 2 more to go.

Today was such a busy day but fun! I am pleased to report that we only got lost ONCE today (opposed to 5 times yesterday). We started our day at the CKC show – in the vendor fair. Crazy busy! We did some shopping and left about an hour later so we could find Joann’s. (We don’t have Joann’s in Canada so this was quite the excursion for us, lol). We found it with no problems, and NO MAP!! Amazing! We were only going on directions given to us by the parking attendant at the conference center as we were driving out of the parkade. There was so much on sale at Joann’s too! I had to buy a bunch of ribbon for one of my classes today, then we went next door to Walmart to get sanding sponges for the class as well (which I forget to get yesterday). We were taking our time as I had in my mind that my first class wasn’t until 4:10. After stopping at Wild Oats (I absolutely LOVE this place!) we got back to the hotel with all our stuff, dumped it on the floor and prepared to lie around for awhile. Nicole took a look at the room and said “oh we forgot to put out the sign on the door that we needed the room cleaned, so I guess they just didn’t come at all”. I was looking at my bed which was perfectly made and said “What are you talking about?” then I saw her bed, which was a disaster! Lol!! She had left so much stuff on it, that they didn’t even touch it! We had a good laugh over that šŸ™‚

So then while I was cutting ribbon for the class, we were watching tv and stuffing our faces with almond hershey kisses (the bags here are WAY bigger – like twice the size of the ones we normally get). We ate half the bag in about 5 minutes. Nicole suddenly asks me what time the first class starts and I was like” 4:10, we still have awhile”. We actually had 4 classes today all back to back and all in the same room – my 2 classes were first then Nicole’s 2 classes. She questions that saying that is an odd time. So I was like “yeah its 4:10 to 5:10 and then 5:30 to 6:30…. wait…. how can that be if your first class starts at 6….” We both grab the schedules at the same time to frantically look and Nicole exclaims “It’s at 3:10!!!!”. YIKES – it was 2:40 and we weren’t ready AT ALL. We hadn’t even gotten changed yet, I hadn’t finished cutting the ribbon, we thought we had plenty of time. I don’t think I’ve ever rushed around so much, but within 5 minutes, we had both changed our clothes, thrown all the kits and stuff in the bags and were down in the car heading out of the parkade. We rushed through the doors of our classroom at 2:55. Whew!

Anyway, all our 4 classes went really well and we had a lot of fun with everyone – what awesome groups of people we had! The funniest comment from someone was “so where are you from that makes you talk like that?” LOL – another reference to our “accent”. Nicole and I find this hilarious.

After the last class ended, we headed off to PF Changs for dinner – so yummy!


Our door today šŸ™‚


evidence of the eaten hershey kisses….


our half cleaned room, hehe


shopping? ….what shopping?


PF Changs….mmmmm