Smoothie Book Review and Giveaway

Tweet I just posted a review and giveaway (over on Homeketeers) for a copy of this great book: The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution by Elizabeth Swann. Click here to read my full review  

Back from one adventure and off for another!

Tweet It’s been an entire year but we finally managed to get away together for a couple nights! Last time it was just for 2 nights as well and to the same place – the Wisconsin Dells. It’s super hard for us to go away together with having all the animals to look after but(…)

When you take a pig for a walk…

Tweet you get a lot of looks. Ah yes, Norman, our very lovable pig, has taken walks all over Illinois. As one of our most popular show animals and one of the most requested animals, Norman leads a busy life. We have walked him on boulevards downtown Chicago and made stops to take him into(…)

The Storms are Coming…

Tweet Now that the baby is in bed, the dishes are done, the dogs and pig have been out, the laundry has been put away, I have a chance to sit down and jump online while we still have power. We are expecting some big thunderstorms tonight so who knows if the power will go(…)

Zoey is 9!

Tweet Happy Birthday to my sweet girl Zoey, she is 9 years old today! She spent her birthday doing what she loves most: alternating her time between lying on the couch on a pillow and running through the backyard on this gorgeous sunny day. Happy Birthday Zo-Zo! And just because I love this photo of(…)

Early morning excitement

Tweet It’s not what you think. Really. Our morning started the same as usual today, the dogs woke up really early and I let them out into the backyard. Then I went back to bed to get back under the warm covers. Steve got up a few minutes later to let the dogs back in.(…)

Not a Creature Was Stirring…

Tweet …except for a mouse! Yes it’s that time of night where it’s quiet all through the house. I make my last “rounds” to make sure all the lights are off, and to check the animals that are currently in the house. (the others are out in their own space – our converted garage –(…)

Right now….baby edition!

Tweet The post from a couple nights ago of what I am loving right now got me thinking of all the baby related things I’m loving right now. So here is a post just for all that stuff. – large bibs. I had no idea how many bibs we’d go through once Ava started eating(…)

Right now

Tweet I’m loving…. – no more snow on the ground. Finally it looks like Spring might be on the way! It’s been a very long cold bitter winter here. (or maybe I’m just bitter). I’m going to say this again: I miss living in California! – Avocado. As in I am seriously obsessed with it(…)

Look who “hopped” by today

Tweet Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny stopped, er, hopped by today for Ava’s first Easter. Here he is visiting with our 2 baby chicks: “Nuna” and “Lydia”. Actually it’s one of our Flemish Giant Rabbits “Munroe” but he might as well be the Easter bunny. He weighs more than Ava does! Munroe is very used(…)