Snapshot 30 : Free Class

Tweet Starting October 30 is a brand new {free} class! Snapshot 30: Learn how to take better photos with your smartphone. Fun daily photo challenges for 30 days. Tons of app reviews so you know what is worth your time and what isn’t Tips and tricks for how to take sensational photos with your smartphone(…)

Free Photoshop Techniques Classes

Tweet I’m super excited about this so I had to share it: FREE Photoshop Techniques Classes!! Starting October 6, is a 14 day series of Photoshop Technique Classes, 2 new techniques each day. A good friend of mine, Aunesty Janssen is teaching it and she is an absolute genius with Photoshop! I use it everyday(…)

Throwback Thursday

Tweet My mum found this photo of me when I was a year and a half or so and sent it to me a little while ago. I think Ava looks a bit like me, what do you think? Actually now that she’s getting a little older, people tell me more often that she looks(…)

Summer Recap Part 2, our life in Illinois

Tweet I thought our recap of the rest of our summer can best be summed up with photos. So here is a little (well pretty big, lol) gallery of how our summer looked. And now Fall is here, and I’m thinking of Christmas already. What is wrong with me?    

Right now…. Baby edition

Tweet I thought it would be fun to document what Ava is loving right now. (since I’m really not good at keeping a scrapbook for her…yet) She loves grapes, this is the one food she will not throw on the floor. No sharing grapes with the puppies! She also loves broccoli. Peanut butter. She tried(…)

Right now…

Tweet I am loving: getting hugs from Ava – this tiny gesture alone is enough to make my entire day the start of Fall. I love summer but I feel almost giddy with anticipation for the Fall to arrive! fitting into clothes that I haven’t fit into in over 2 years that it’s finally cooled(…)

Just one of those days…

Tweet You know, just one of those days when things just don’t seem to go right at all. Yep, that’s today. It started out being a miserable rainy day from the moment I woke up. I planned to clean the fridge out for today’s Organization Challenge at Homeketeers so while Ava had her morning nap, I(…)

Summer Recap – part 1. Our Trip to Canada

Tweet Ava and I spent the last half of June in beautiful Victoria BC, Canada – my hometown! I hadn’t been back there in the summer time for about 3 years. So we said goodbye to the lovely hot and humid Chicago weather and hello to gorgeous mild Victoria weather with that wonderful sea-breeze smell(…)

It was time

Tweet Yep, sure was. Time to update this blog, change the layout, and go through ALL my past posts. Yep all of them. This has been an ongoing project now for about a month or longer. I tried several new blog templates/layouts and finally found one I like. I’m still customizing it but hopefully it(…)

My dream came true….

Tweet Exactly a year ago. Yes that’s right – my beautiful amazing little girl, Ava, was born exactly a year ago this very hour. Thinking back to just before I had her, I now realize how clueless I was about so many things. I had no idea how my life was about to take the(…)