Snow Day!!! November 26, 2007

Tweet   What a day!! We have gotten majorly dumped on with snow over here on the West Coast. I just had the dogs out in it and I tried to take some pictures but it was dark, snowing still, and I was getting pulled in 2 different directions by the dogs so it was(…)

More Fun in the Snow! November 26, 2007

Tweet   We just got back from taking the dogs down the street to the park – in the dark!! 9:30 at night and we are playing at the park running through snow that is halfway to our knees! We have realized that Zoey is in fact a Snow Dog! She LOVES the snow! She(…)

A Day With the Birds – November 27, 2006

Tweet   Today we did something really different, and even though I wasn’t thrilled about going at first, it was really cool when we acutally got there! Brent wanted to go take pictures at this bird santuary not far from our house. Brent called ahead to make sure they were open – cause of(…)

It’s almost Christmas!

Tweet How can it possibly be Dec 22 today? That means two things: 1) I am so not ready for Christmas and 2) I haven’t written in my blog for 23 days! Shame on me. It just shows how insanely busy this month has been so far. Should I make it my New Year’s Resolution(…)

End of the month!

Tweet It’s November 30th already??? Time sure flies! That means only 25 days left until Christmas, which also means that I didn’t do as I planned several months ago, and completed all my Christmas shopping early. Great, now I will have to battle the insane world of Christmas shoppers. Have a wicked cold right now(…)

My Own Blog – September 21, 2006

Tweet Wow, my own Blog. Finally I have joined everyone else and started my own Blog. Anyway, today is September 21, 2006. My Grandma’s birthday- Happy Birthday Grandma! It’s also Brent’s mom’s birthday too! Happy Birthday Suzanne! Oh- and isn’t it the first day of fall too? Or is it the last day of summer…..(…)