Our Road Trip! Day 1 & 2

We’re in San Francisco!! We left for our trip yesterday (Sunday) morning at 7am – after only getting about 3 and a half hours of sleep. We were tired but excited and we wanted to leave early to avoid traffic at the border. As it was, there was absolutely no traffic at all and we sailed right through the border (we were the only car there). We continued on this way all through Washington State and we made it into Oregon by 11:30. We made a stop at a Walmart Supercenter (I love these! hehe, probably cause we don’t have the supercenters where we live). I asked Brent if he wanted to wait in the car and he did!! Yah! I secretly hid my delight and rushed into the huge store. It is so much better going alone then with a boyfriend who hates shopping (unless its for photography equipment). How annoying it can be having him hanging over my shoulder constantly asking “can we go yet?” “I want to go” “Let’s go!”. So to further avoid hassles, I purposely left my cell phone in the car with him. Now being unreachable, I didn’t have to deal with the calls “Are you coming?” “What’s taking so long?” “Can we go?” hehe… Free at last to get what I want, and to look at what I want. However it was only Walmart and no place more exciting, like the Premium Outlet Centers I am hoping to make it too on our way to Anaheim later this week. I picked up a few groceries and snacks to munch on in the car – there are so many different things down in the states that we don’t get in Canada! Unfortunetly most of them had to be frozen or refrigerated so I couldn’t buy any. After the food aisles, I sought out the scrapbooking aisle but they really didn’t have anything different than our regular Walmart at home has. Thinking I was going to cut this shopping trip short now as there wasn’t anything else I wanted to look at, I headed to the cashier, found the shortest line and waited. And waited and waited. The idiot in front of me forgot her pin number for her bank card and held the line up for about 20 minutes!!! ERGH! I always get in the wrong line!

We then continued on and I fell asleep for a bit – I woke up just as Brent was turning off the highway to stop for gas. I saw the sign that we were entering Sutherlin and I said “Oh! We’re in Sutherlin?? Christy works around here!” and then right across the street from the gas station I could see the scrapbook store where she works! I pointed it out but it was closed. We are going to try to stop by on our way back home and hopefully we’ll get to meet Christy! (scrap’n’chichi).

We were going to continue driving down the I-5 to California but at the last minute we had a change of plans and decided to drive through Oregon to the coast – to see the beaches and then drive down the coast to California. We thought it would be a nicer drive. Well it probably would have been if it hadn’t been DARK!!! Lovely. We thought it was going to be a lot quicker of a drive to the coast but it was quite long and the roads were curvy. By the time we finally made it to the coast – it was completely dark. We couldn’t even see the beaches. We drove through all these little little towns – everything was closed being Sunday night, and not once did we even see a Starbucks or a McDonalds. Dairy Queen though, seems that every small town we drove through had a Dairy Queen. We stopped at one and got ice cream and part way through mine I started to feel really sick. The next few hours were horrible – I was really sick and we had to make several abrupt stops along the way. I actually didn’t even feel better until half way through the day today, all morning I was still feeling queasy.

The coolest thing about our trip along the coast was the stars. Because there are no city lights, everything was basically pitch black, so ALL the stars showed up in the sky – I have never seen so many stars. Very cool!

We kept driving until we made it into California – (It was exactly 1000 km from our house to Gold Beach, Oregon.). We found a rest stop in Trinadad, CA around 10:30pm and we were exhausted so we pulled over to get some sleep. We were watching a DVD on the laptop for a few minutes but then the battery died so we were left in the darkness. Alright, so sleeping in the car was not as much fun as I thought it would be. It was horrible actually, no, it was REALLY horrible. My seat wouldn’t recline very far cause I insisted on bringing both suitcases and only one would fit in the trunk, so the other was in the backseat. It was really uncomfortable and then the temperature dropped significantly and we woke up freezing cold not even an hour later. Every 2 hours Brent would wake up, we’d be shivering away, and he’d turn the car on, blast the heat, then shut it off and fall asleep again. I was still not feeling great so I was finding it hard to sleep anyways. I think I spent most of the night wide awake, freezing cold. We left around 6 or 6:30 and it was then when I was finally able to fall asleep. I woke up an hour later when we arrived at the Avenue of the Giants – this scenic 31 mile drive through this huge Redwoods forest – some of the trees here were 600-700 years old. Since it was still dark out, Brent pulled the car over and we fell asleep again for another hour until it got light out. We then took the scenic drive through and kept driving along the coast. More small towns. And more small towns. And then we got to Napa Valley. This was beautiful! We went to a huge winery called Sterling Estate Winery – it was way up onto of a hill and we had to take a gondola up the hill to get to it. I realized I have a small problem with heights. The gondola was really high up at some points and it freaked me out. I never used to be such a wuss like this! However the ride coming down was a bit easier. I am not afraid of heights, I am afraid of falling from that height. Yeah that’s it.

Anyway the view from the top of the hill was gorgeous, it looked down over the entire valley. We got some pictures, then we went on the tour of the winery and sampled 5 different wines in the tasting room.

By the time we left the winery it was already 5pm, so we headed to San Francisco. Not wanting to repeat our car sleeping in experience, we decided we are staying in a hotel. We drove all around looking for a hotel but not knowing any of the areas, all we found were some scuzzy looking hotel and motels that neither of us wanted to stay in. Frustrated we stopped at Starbucks, got a couple drinks, and took the laptop in so we could go online to look for a hotel. We sat down, opened the laptop up, and just as we’re trying to connect to the internet, the battery dies. Just great. Obviously our brand new car charger for the laptop does not work, as it was plugged in all day.

We did eventually find a hotel but by the time we found one, had checked in and taken our stuff to our room, we still hadn’t eaten dinner and it was almost 10:30pm. We headed out to find a restaurant – we found TGIF Fridays, Chilies, and Red Robin – all closed!!! This was not going well. We didn’t want to resort to fast food but we were getting desperate now, nothing was open! Even the fast food places we found were closed. Unreal! The only place we managed to find open was Jack in the Box and they had a 24hr drive thru. Neither of us had ever eaten there before but desperate times call for desperate measures. It was actually not too bad.

So now its 1:00am so I am signing off here. The good news – we’re in San Francisco!! Woohoo!! Tomorrow we’ll be able to see what it looks like in daylight. I think we’re going to check out Fisherman’s Wharf and some other places, should be fun.

Drive Thru Tree

This was a drive through tree we came across in the Avenue of the Giants. Yes, we did actually drive the car through but it was tight!


This is what happens when someone has too much time on their hands…. on the same property as the drive through tree were these treehouses complete with a handcarved wooden bear family. I just had to take a picture. (I even walked inside of the larger treehouse)


Here are the gondolas we road in at the Sterling Winery. They are much higher in real life than they look in the picture


Looking down over the Napa Valley