Our New “Babe” and Day 6 of 50 Days of Journaling

Once again a delay in the journaling prompts and I am sorry for that. My lovely laptop decided to wreak havic this month and had to go in to get fixed THREE times. I think it spent more time in the Apple store this month then it did in our home. Finally it seems to be working properly but I’ve had to reinstall everything as they wiped it clean twice. I lost a bit but most I had on backups.

However, not having a computer to distract me, led me to spend lots of time with the newest member of our family, a 9 week old pot bellied piglet named Norman, our very own little “Babe.”

As my mother pointed out to me when I phoned her to get her opinion on whether we should get the pig, she reminded me that it’s been a life long dream of mine to have a pig. Yes it sure has, I remember being really little and begging my parents for a pet pig. That’s where they put their foot down (and I think laws in our district probably also would have put their foot down on having pet pigs). I did move onto other things though and continued to pester my poor parents and they gave in and let me have rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, chinchillas, hedgehogs…. So I owe my parents a ginormous THANK YOU for putting up with me and all my animals!

Lucky for me I married a man who is as animal crazy as I am (I think he actually surpasses me on this one!) so he was just as excited as I was about adding the little piglet to our family. We’ve only had Norman just over  a week but already I can’t imagine him not being here. The dogs love following him around as he grunts and snorts and tries to find anything at all on the floor that he can put in his mouth. He’s tiny but he has already mastered jumping up onto our bed, onto the couch and out of the bathtub! Yep, he’s a handful but we love him!


He’s got the remote, the laptop and a dog chewy. He’s all set.


Moosie’s not too sure he wants to share our attention with the piggy


Now onto Day 6 of Journaling!! If you’re playing along, speak up! Do you have any pages to share? Comments?

Here are today’s prompts:

1. Choose a song title or a lyric to start your journaling.

2. My thoughts about Fall

What do you love about Fall, what do you not like so much about it? Think about the smells, the sights, and the sounds of Fall. If you can, include a photo of your neighborhood or backyard right now.

I will get my photos of my pages up later. For now, I’m going to go have some chicken noodle soup. Both my hubby and I are home sick today with bad colds. Not even the DayQuil is helping today.