One more week!!

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!! One more week until we leave for Disneyland!! I mean… CHA!!! And Disneyland!!! WOOHOO!!! Already I have read 5 guidebooks on Disneyland and the Anaheim area. Everynight I take one to bed and I’m up until usually 2am reading away. I have been there before but its been about 14 years so a lot has changed and to be honest, reading about it, just gets me more excited. I know the couple nights before we leave, I will suddenly be transformed back to when I was a child, and I won’t be able to sleep out of excitement. However, then we have 2200 km to drive from here to Anaheim so I will be getting a couple sleepless nights and that won’t be from excitement, but rather from the endless trips to Starbucks along the way so we can stay awake to drive the I-5. Lol – ok I am laughing now, but will it be so funny then? I will be keeping track of it and typing away on the laptop so I can keep my blog updated. I have always wanted to do a road trip to California, but I wonder if it will be as glorious as I am anticipating. Probably not. If you have read some of my older blogs on our last trip, it wasn’t very glorious. Lol!! But its funny to look back on it!

Alright I have a confession. A few days ago I finally took our Christmas tree down and put all the decorations away. Yes I know, it was Jan 11 and our tree was still up. How pathetic. But it looked so pretty with all the lights on it. Ok, ok, we hadn’t turned the thing on since Christmas. So it was just plain laziness. But anyway, as I was taking off all the (hundreds it seemed) ornaments and then taking apart the tree and shoving it back into its box (why is it that they never fit back into the original box properly?), I was grumbling to myself. This is supposed to be fun! Why is it such a CHORE to put up and then take down all these decorations? Having to haul all the bins up from the garage then hauling them back down again. It’s actually quite a pain having to do it all. Then once I had all the decorations down and put away, the house looked even more like a disaster. Maybe it was just cause it looked bare. So I had to do a major clean. While I was vacuuming, I moved the couch and found about 10 missing christmas ornaments from the tree under there. Damn cat. She had taken all the ornaments off the lower portion of the tree and I caught her a couple times standing on the coffee table, leaning way over until she could touch the mid part of the tree. There was a smashed ornament behind the tree when I moved it, shattered to pieces, and I found another glass ornament (one of those really old beautiful vintage ones) under the couch! Amazingly it was not broken. I had even put all the breakable ones on the top half of the tree so she couldn’t get at them. It’s a good thing she didn’t break any of my most favorite ornaments or I tell you, one of those nine lives of hers would be gone in a flash!!

So now the house is back to normal, except now its back to arctic weather outside. Yes, it snowed again. Just as I was getting used to our regular mild winter – I was out in a long sleeved t shirt for most of last week and was not cold at all – it has to start to snow, and then freeze. It is SO cold out there. And the snow is powdery, which is unusual for snow here. Well its unusual for us to even get snow here in the first place. What is up with this weird weather we have had the last couple months? I don’t like it.

Well, its late…. Brent is in bed already, the dogs are waiting to go out, and I got another book on Disneyland at the library today. (I know, I am obsessed…no, just excited).