October is here!

I really love October – the trees are changing colour, leaves are falling, pumpkin fields are looking more orange by the day. I just hope we get some lovely Fall days where the sun is shining, the air is crisp, and we can get out with the dogs for some long walks. So far, the start of Fall has not been so great over here, its been raining almost everyday for the past week.

When we left for Las Vegas it was technically still summer – the weather was still warm, we were still wearing shorts and tshirts, and we had to keep the windows open in the house to cool it down. We returned from Vegas a week later to find that Autumn had swept right in. Leaves were already covering the lawn around the house, there was a crispness to the air, and we had to turn the heat on in the house (after having it off since April). Welcome Fall.

A quick recap on Vegas: it was fun but its nice to be home. I miss the warm weather and the yummy food from the Bellagio. I don’t miss having to do so much walking each day – and the worst of it was that on our 2nd day there I pulled a ligament or something in my foot and it was incredibly painful to walk. I hobbled around for the rest of the week with a swollen foot. So much for shoe shopping like I planned, as I couldn’t even get my foot in any shoes! lol

Some of our favorite things about Vegas: The casinos at The Wynn and MGM; the cheesecake from Bellagio; Best food was at CraftSteak Restaurant, Bellagio Hotel and Spice Market @ Planet Hollywood. Entertainer Matt Newbold at Planet Hollywood. Warm weather. Shopping at the Fashion Show Mall and Forum Shops @ Caesars Palace. The shops at the Paris. Bellagio Fountains.

October is going to be a busy but exciting month . I’ve been busy working on my latest project as I have a deadline fast approaching, and also getting ready for some upcoming classes. This month I am teaching every Wednesday night at Precious Memories, and I’m also going to be teaching a couple classes at Canada’s Crop for Kids on Oct 12. One of the new classes I’ll be doing at PM is on Christmas Gift Tags. Something I really enjoy doing is personalizing gift tags for Christmas gifts. Something I say I will do each year and then I never have time to do it is making Christmas cards. This year I am really going to MAKE myself do it! Card making is something I just never have done a lot of, I love the idea of it, but just never really do it.

xmas-tags.jpg  These are some tags I made for fun – they are so easy to make. I used a lot of scraps, doodling, and I brought out some of my old punches.

xmastagsclass1.jpg the tags that we will make in my class – 2 of each design for a total of 30 tags.

Here’s a layout I did about a month ago: