Not a Creature Was Stirring…

…except for a mouse! Yes it’s that time of night where it’s quiet all through the house. I make my last “rounds” to make sure all the lights are off, and to check the animals that are currently in the house. (the others are out in their own space – our converted garage – which is one huge animal room now complete with its own heat, AC and ventilation).

Norman the pig is sound asleep already buried under a couple of his blankets. It’s crucial to be quiet while he’s sleeping as even so much as opening the fridge or rustling a bag of popcorn then that’s it! He’ll pop right up and start squealing until I give him something else to eat. And trust me, he does not need more to eat tonight. This little big piggy has been happily munching on the grass outside for hours and hours the last several days. Now that the weather has finally smartened up, he’s been wanting to spend more time in the backyard. However, when he waddles back into the house, he is so bloated – he actually looks pregnant!! Oh piggy. And all that grass gives him nasty pig farts. Nasty I tell ya! He sure knows how to clear a room fast.

Harriet, our newest hedgehog, has also buried herself under her blankets but she’ll be up soon to have her dinner.

I walk through the living room that is lit up by a red glow in the far corner – it’s the heat lamp for our little chicks: Nuna and Lydia. They are 3 and a half weeks now and getting big indeed. It’s amazing how fast they grow. They look like miniature chickens now but they look quite awkward as well. Those awkward teenage weeks I guess…. It will soon be time to introduce them to our full grown chicken, Drumstick. Afterall that’s why we got them, so she would have friends. Her buddy Popcorn was killed by a weasel in our backyard a couple months ago 🙁

On the other side of the living room is our special needs duck, Lotto, who is nestled all down on her blanket, with her beak tucked under one wing.

The dogs are all in our room already, happy to have gone to bed already. Zoey is on her own bed next to my side of the bed. Angus is lying on a blanket on the floor by the closet (but he’ll wind up in our bed sometime during the night), and Moose is lying right in the middle of our bed, of course.

The baby monitor is on my bedside table and shows that Ava is sound asleep in her crib. I can hear the sound of the ocean coming from her sound machine. Brings back memories from when I was living with my parents when they had waterfront property. I actually went to sleep every night hearing the waves for real. Wow, do I ever miss that.

And the only creature that is actually stirring – it is a mouse! Our geriatric mouse, Snowflake, who resides in our office,  is awake and running in her wheel.

Now it’s time to jump in bed and watch one of the shows we’ve recorded on the DVR. This is the only time we have to catch up on shows each night – once everyone/ everything else is asleep. We’re lucky though if we manage to stay up a whole hour.

Sweet dreams!