New Stuff

It’s been weeks but I finally got back to scrapping.  Got 2 classes done for Precious Memories for May and still working on one more for June. I also have been working on projects using both the Memories From the Attic kit and the Little Daisy Scrapbooking Kit. Lots of fun!

This was done using the Little Daisy kit – all products are Love Elsie. Before I went away for my long trip in March, Brent and I went to a Prom party at Nicole’s house – it was tons of fun! Everyone really got into it. Most people went to Value Village to find old tacky prom clothes from the 80’s. I managed to find my actual prom dress (from 1995 but it still fit it with the rest! lol) and I wore that – it still fit me, except for the enormous poofy sleeves kept falling off my shoulders, hehe.  I didn’t have time to do my hair all big and funny though – I had been teaching at an event that day and didn’t get home until right when we had to leave for the party. Some of the guys at the party got really into their outfits and they were hilarious!!


This layout was also done using the Love Elsie products from the Little Daisy kit. About our hilarious trip to Portland when we went to teach at CKC. (The entire trip is documented several posts down)

Maze Book for a class at Precious Memories


Photos of the individual pages can be seen in my flickr gallery here 


Another class for Precious Memories. This is a mini book made from scratch and the class will also focus on doodling. I used a lot of watercolor pencils in this – they are my favorite thing to use lately! 🙂




I will post more pictures later of the layouts I made with the Memories From the Attic kit and more from Little Daisy too 🙂