New giveaway, update and mini book challenges!

Lots of stuff to put in this post, but I will try not to make it tooooo long. : )

First up – a new giveaway!! I finally unpacked some of my scrapbook stuff today and found some fab Jenni Bowlin Studio stuff – so it’s up for grabs this week!


Just leave me a comment here by Sunday, August 16 and I will announce a winner on Monday. (chosen by What are you working on right now or what was your latest project that you completed? I’d love to see some pics, so please leave a link if you can.

For all of you who wanted to join in on my monthly mini book challenges, they are starting now! Except for August, the rest of the months will begin on the 1st of the month, and you will have until the 29th of the same month to post a link to your mini book. One winner will be chosen to receive the prize of the month (also chosen by

How it works: each month I will post a 2 part challenge: one will be to create a certain type of mini album, and the other will be the theme. You can choose to do just one part of the challenge or both. I’m going to be doing this along with you so I will post my album as soon as I get it completed. : )

August’s Challenge

For this month the type of mini album is going to be a simple shape. This can be a heart, a circle or a square. You can used a pre-made bought mini album (such as the maya road chipboard albums or any other brand), or you can be extra creative and cut the shapes yourself. Try to keep this one simple and focus on the journaling.

The theme: Changes. Take that any way you like. Changes in your life this summer from this time last year, changes in your house as your kids get ready to go back to school, changes in goals, anything. This does not have to be the title of your album.

Let me know if you plan to play along in these challenges : ) (and feel free to email me anytime if you have any questions).

I will post a pic of the prize tomorrow.

Free Technique Classes

I have been getting some people asking if I’m going to run my series of free technique classes again. I would love to start them again this Fall. Please let me know if you are interested.

Now an update on what’s been going on here (for those who are interested)

thank you so much to everyone who left a comment here, emailed me, and messeged me on facebook to see how I was doing after the “nightmare” of a couple weeks ago. It was indeed quite the stressful ordeal but I did find another place to live and it’s a much nicer place too!

I have 3 roommates and they are awesome! I’ve never had girl roommates before so this is all new to me but so far its been a lot of fun – we get along really well and it’s been great having a couple weeks before school started so we could get to know each other. The dogs are doing great, they are enjoying all the extra attention, especially Angus who is loving his new role of “man of the house”.
Fro (the guinea pig) is doing good too and we have a new pet in the house now – a rat named Huxley. 3 more rats will be joining us in the next several months as we each have to train a rat for a class next semester.

School starts tomorrow. Part of me is super excited for it to start, and part of me is terrified.

here is a short slideshow of my first month here in California (minus the horrible house drama!)

California Adventures